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Founded in late 1960, Interplast was the first international humanitarian organization to send American doctors abroad to provide free reconstructive surgery for children and adults in developing countries. For the next 30 years, Interplast has grown from an informal volunteer-led efforts in professional organization. By 2000, there were more than 2500 Interplast volunteers who participated in the financing of trips to 30 countries, and performed more than 3,000 surgeries a year. This growth Interplast videocase details and debates that have emerged as the organization began to shift its focus from direct services (sending doctors and other medical professionals abroad provide reconstructive surgery) education (investment in training foreign doctors) and empowerment (ensuring resources and infrastructure), so that these local actors to serve their people. Videocase chronicles the debate on this shift, as well as relevant policy decisions, improving organizational development, strategic change, and nonprofit management. SI-14v Evolution Interplast is part of a series of social entrepreneurship. Professor Jim Phills developed a series of social entrepreneurship, to help students evaluate the mechanisms of change and the theory of action, and difficulty in initiating and maintaining constructive social change. Other cases in this video series include SI-25V Innermotion on the go, SI-69v Circus Oz, SI-72V social entrepreneurs. Correction of market failures, as well as corporate strategy SI-77V Rubicon Programs "Hide
by James A. Phills Source: Supplement 30 minutes of video. Publication Date: July 1, 2003. Prod. #: SI14V-VID-ENG

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The Evolution of Interplast (Video) DVD

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