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Claritas Genomics was produced in January 2013 when BCH turned out its Genetics Diagnostic Lab into a completely commercial thing. Claritas offered over 100 genomic tests to detect a variety of conditions, including intellectual disabilities and autism, and was developing new tests that provided clearer and much more relevant information for doctors to use in treating patients.

Claritas needed to boost the speed at which genomic research discoveries happened and translate this research into better diagnostic tests. To accomplish this, it intended to collaborate with other children's hospitals through a research network it was developing. BCH was the company's majority owner, and Life Technologies (Life), a major maker of sequencing gear and services, was a minority owner.

By the ending of the year the CEO of Claritas Genomics, Dr. Patrice Milos, had to place Claritas in a placing to escalate and required to have in place the software along with IT platforms, the databases, search tools, and other software, that would aid the company reach scale.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 19, 2013 PRODUCT #: 814032-PDF-ENG

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