Delivering Customer Centricity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Customer Centricity at EMC2:

EMC is providing different software solutions to airlines, financial service firms, hotels, telecommunications firms, retailers. These are the direct customers of EMC to which it is providing best software solutions. At first, the company focused on delivering the product rather than on satisfying the actual need of its customers. Due to this customer can easily switch to other brands. Jenkins then introduced Customer Centricity in the organization that make company objectives more focused on satisfying the need of customer by addressing their issues on an early basis. This strategy helps the company to have positive responses from the customer and attract more customer towards the company.

William Jenkins, a Senior Vice President of the company introduced the idea of putting more attention towards the customer rather than focusing on the company’s sale to increase. He came to know that putting the customer first is the strategy that helps the company to enjoy long term customer relationship by solving customer’s issues on priority.

Thus, after realizing that the customer Centricity culture was introduced to the company. The idea of giving preference to the customer helps the company to achieve its target even higher than what is set. As this strategy helps customers to believe in the company. Jenkins’s realized that once a customer trusts the company and do business with it, then its the company’ responsibility to provide him all the necessary guideline to solve the problem where ever he went. Customer Centricity culture in the company improves its relationship with the company as customer has all the power. Realizing the power of customer to make the business successful is the key to get a long term customer relationship with the company.

Market strategy should be used to enhance the customer experience with the company. When customers are doing their first transaction with the company it is the most important step for the company either to have the customer for a long term or to lose the customer. Customer Centricity is the process that allows companies to have a direct interaction with the customer to find out the problem they faced in using the product of service offered by the company.

The EMC software solution needs greater involvement of the company with its customer to help them understand the usage of the product in an effective manner. This strategy makes the company to act as a quick problem solver for the customer. While hiring, the company focused a lot on problem solving and customer handling quality of the candidate. As the product which the company offered is related to software so it mainly focused on business to business setting and there fore,it has to be very focused on the actual need of the firm to make its business more effective.

Delivering Customer Centricity Case Solution


EMC is a provider of software solution for which it is very important for the company to have strong backups of all the possible issues that could cause damage for the customer in order to overcome it as soon as possible .To make the necessary overcome solutions on the issues faced by the clients of EMC, it adopts the policy of ‘Guilty until Proven Innocent’. This policy helps the company to step in and solve the problems faced by its clients. For EMC customers are always right and whenever they face any problem, it is on a priority basis for the company to take all possible moves to fix that issue. EMC involved itself with the customer to the level that even if the issue is created from the customer’s end, EMC takes the responsibility and solves that issue by performing different sales functions to make the customer feel satisfied.

Different steps that a company takes in business to business problem solving process involves the decision that the company takes when one of its client in banking sector faces a hardware issue. It was suggested to purchase$7 million EMC software that could act as a mirror of the data which is damaged due to hardware damage. This was a huge step for the company to take but very effectively, they turned the problem situation into sales activity...........................

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