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Exploring entrepreneurial venture in Mexico. The main characters, two MBA from HBS, started a chain of pawnshops funded capital of their offices after business school. It is calculated at the point where the main characters have to decide how to grow the chain pawn shop to compete with other Mexican and U.S. pawnshop chains that grow aggressively in the country. The centerpiece is the decision on how to finance growth. Various alternatives studied growth, each entails various funding needs and an exit strategy. Installation in Mexico illustrates the differences in entrepreneurial activity in Latin America and other developing regions than in the United States. The difference lies in the difficulty of finding institutional funding. As a result, much of the funding should come from the "angel investors." "Hide
by Lynda M. Applegate, Regina Garcia-Cuellar Source: Harvard Business School 26 pages. Publication Date: September 20, 2006. Prod. # : 807031-PDF-ENG

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