Helen Drinan: Giving Voice to Her Values (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Helen Drinan: Giving Voice to Her Values (A) Case Solution


Helen Drinan is the senior vice president for healthcare at Caritas Christi Health Care System (CCHSC). The serious issue she faced as a female HR employee was of sexual harassment from organization’s senior officials, which included the president, and the CEO. It was a very complicated situation where she was facing difficulty due to a confusing situation; the health care institute was owned by Cardinal O’ Malley who was also the member of board of directors. These charges came at the back of harassment cases on priests of Boston’s Catholic Church.

Therefore, the objective of the case is that Helen Drinan raised her voice for individual values at workplace after investigating the issues properly and taking actions. She used her voice to instill foundational beliefs by teaching business ethics, and spreading awareness to small business owners about equal rights laws of the country.


She is experienced in dealing with workplace harassment. She should tell everything that the women face in their organization: she should prepare the report first and then inform the authorities in following ways:

  • Informing the senior Head or Manager in same or another department
  • Informing Health and safety representatives
  • Use established reporting procedures in court.

First, Helen should establish a complaint procedure and as the SVP in HR, she should welcome all employees and make them comfortable with coming to her and discussing any problems they face in the workplace. Then create an anti-harassment policy. She should first investigate the situation individually, and treat it as a court case and avoid taking such steps that harm a person's self-esteem while making a compliant.

1.      Table 1: Key Stakeholders:

StakeholderWhat’s at RISK? What’s at Stake?

Helen Drinan

Stake: Reputation of the health care, where she is working with the values and standards.

Risk: Job Loss and loosing position


Dr. Robert Haddad

Stake: Decrease in profit by decreasing the employees due to his unethical attitude towards the female customers.

Risk: Cost cutting and layoffs from the budget 2005; undesirable behavior in the workplace.


3.Caritas Christi Health care (CCHC)

The stake of the high range of employees nearly more than one million annually and operated in 6 hospitals with a profit of $1.2 billion. The risk of losing the employees and decrease the healthcare image.

4.Sean Patrick O’Malley

Chair man of the Caritas Board of Governors, its stake is the highest loan that would be covered by the profit from the business, which is increasing yearly and increase the ability to pay the loan. The risk is the future loss from the court case and unable to pay the loan.

5. Woman 1

Harassed by Patrick O’ Malley (CEO)

6. Woman 2

Harassed by Haddad (President)

7. Church’s Priests

Stake: Close of many other perishes

Risk: crises of faith and losing confidence in the Boston Church.


8. Church administration

Stake: Profit from day to day operations.

Risk: Controlling money and Decision making.


9.Michael Collins (Previous CEO)

Stake: Pension fund control battle after serving CCHC ten years as CEO.

Risk: He appointed O’ Malley as the next CEO.


10. Wilson D. Rogers (Legal Counsel)

Stake: legal counselor of Collins and he helped in hiring an outsider by the Drinan’s internal attorney to investigate this issue.

Risk: Collin wanted to place his people for a senior staff position in CCHC.


11.Emmett C Murphy

Stake: Health care consultant lasted just five weeks as the president and CEO.

Risk: To explain the differences or inconsistencies regarding the official biography....................



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