EU Verdict Against Microsoft Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2004, after an investigation that began in 1998, the European Commission (EC) published antitrust decision against Microsoft, levying a record fine of 497 million euros ($ 613 million) and the mandatory change of commercial conduct and completion of Windows Media Player with the operating system from Microsoft. Summarizes the EU ruling and Microsoft's response to this, places that ruling in the context of the U.S. government antitrust action against Microsoft, and Microsoft describes efforts to comply with regulations. Appeal also covers Microsoft, ruling that could be heard by the European Court in April 2006, and plans to further study of the EC Microsoft.
rewritten version of the previous case. "Hide
by David B. Yoffie, Michael Slind Source: Harvard Business School 7 pages. Publication Date: May 03, 2006. Prod. #: 706503-PDF-ENG

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EU Verdict Against Microsoft

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