Tesla Energy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tesla Energy Case Study Solution


Tesla Energy started its operations in 2003, with an aim to offer the market innovation based products that are different from what is presently distributed in the market. In doing so, it developed the Tesla Cutting edge technology batteries and thusdesigned the first ever electric cars saving the environment while offering the great speed and high quality driver experience to the existing customers. Since the market has been attractive in terms of growth and factors that may support the idea, the company greatly evolved its production line to offer the better version cars or cars of tomorrow.

While capitalizing the market opportunity and increasing the market development strategy, the company emphasized on the innovation and adopted the aggressive innovation strategy within the business to develop a definite value proposition in the Latin American market. While doing this, Tesla in 2012, developed the electric car with the motive to offer better design cars with extended features like increased security, fuel efficiency and high performance. It realized the trend of increasing technology usage in the market and thus incorporated into its business strategy that offered it the competitive advantage of being the most innovative and efficient car producer in USA.

In addition to this, to match and align the business strategy with the market trends and to develop a strong value proposition, the company also established its own service networks that allow its business functions to rapidly grow and launch the electric vehicles with full loaded technologies without market barriers to entry. Moreover, the operational structure, engineering expertise and vehicle structure differentiates Tesla from other competitors in the market like Ford and Porsche that also operate in the similar category. Such capabilities and skills allow Tesla to maintain certain competitive edge in the market, allowing it to lead the electric motor industry with significantly high market share and brand value.

Tesla Energy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Products Offerings

From the initiation of the business in 2003, the company focused on being an innovative player in the market. In doing so, Tesla developed the cutting edge battery systems for homes, offices and commercial use. It extended its innovative battery systems to the cars and thus designed the first ever electric car in the market. It also designed a unique set for energy solution in which power banks, solar roofs and power walk remain at the top of the portfolio. Such innovation allowed the company to offer the businesses and utilities to manage the renewable energy generation, storage and consumption.

Such strategy of offering the renewable energy sets and innovation technology allowed the company to quickly align itself with the market trend and future aspects and turning of the customer behavior and markets. Since in US and other developed regions, the emphasis on effective consumption, green technology, ecosystem sustainability and fossil fuel depletion and safety has been emphasized, the company developed such system and technology that allowed it to cohort with the later stand future market trends.Since it is eminent, that the fossil fuel (oil) will reduce over the period of time, and that the energy consumption will increase by the raise in population, Tesla identified those needs and future trends developing such battery system that could take power from the sun and can illuminate homes, offices and even charge the car batteries.Such technology and innovation is a break through innovation, since it will allow the businesses to reduce the cost of operations creating a domino effect on pricing and thus the economic cycle of the country, on the other hand will offer the automobile producers the technology to shift from CO2 model to electric or solar models so to align themselves with market trends and future aspects of the market.

Power House

Tesla Energy developed the home battery system that comes in 10KWh version for $35000 or $3000.The company developed such solar battery system to illuminate the houses using the sun energy.The product comes with the heat absorption and storing unit that stores heat from sun and then illuminates the homes in nighttime. Such innovative product will allow the consumers to manage the consumption of electricity and the cost of bills. Moreover under the mechanisms of the power house, the system acts as the smart micro grid which connects with the Wi-Fi and to the phone of the users. Such convenience and ease of technology allows the users to maintain the power grid and even allow the users to turn off the power grid system of the house in non-presence of the consumer, allowing eco-friendly consumption..................

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