Triple Point Technology Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Founder Director General triple technology Point, Peter Armstrong, is considering selling the company. The company specializes in providing their customers with the software used for transaction processing and risk management in various commodity markets. Triple Point Technology was significantly increased in the 13 years of existence and is a potential source of a significant amount of wealth for its owners. The sale was due to co-founder, who wanted to sell his share in the business. The case is considered justification for the owners to monetize at least a portion of the value of the company, the sales process, and compares the two different proposals in terms of the management team, which will have a significant continuing interest in her. "Hide
by Richard S. Ruback, Royce Yudkoff Source: Harvard Business School 8 pages. Publication Date: 01 December 2010. Prod. #: 211057-PDF-ENG

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Triple Point Technology

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