Peroduaís Advertising With A Social Dimension Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Peroduaís Advertising With A Social Dimension Case Study Solution

Corporate Social Responsibility

Generally, the company has its own sustainability program which is aimed to ensure that the social status of the environment and environment itself are protected. For the company the sustainability plans includes the social marketing strategy that tend to infuse the objectives and goals of the organization related to the social responsibilities.

In addition, the sustainability concerns of the company is comprised; using the solar energy so that the company might reduce its dependency on the fossil fuel that has been in use for its business operations. Not only this, various projects been engineered that tend to protect the air since the cars were contributes to the better percentage of air pollution. It is important for the company to bring changes in the company’s strategies by determining its position in the market.

The practice of scanning the environment involves that the company conducts the complete assessment that tends to determine the threat that it is then confronted with including market opportunities, competition, hence evaluating whether such strategies would lead the company in the right direction at the right time.

There are various steps involved in the environmental scanning such as; gathering information by the employer related to the external environment, such as information related to economy laws, government and demographic factors.  Later on, the company focuses on the competitors that the company has been facing a tough competition with, and how it affect the company. Also, it is important for the company to involve in the internal scan for the purpose of establishing the strength of the company(Vancil, 2005).

One of the management model is concurrent engineering that allows the company to develop processes and products in which different stages simultaneously run. Since the model decreases the production cost, marketing time and development time, it also increases productivity. Conversely, such management model might be difficult to adopt in the initial period of time, but after it stabilizes a company to gain benefits from the various ways such as improved productivity, competitive edge and reduced design and development time.

In addition to this, the environmental scanning involving the organization is striving to assess the buying trends for the Chinese market as well as how to position its outlets so that the company would be able to attract the larger customer base, and the type of cars that it would sell to the markets in China, hence making most of the sales.(Doerr, 2018)

Business Continuity

The business is supposed to run its operations related to the ongoing concern of the accounting. However, the company has risk management procedures and system that it tends to apply for the purpose of managing its workforce or employees and customers to ensure the mutual benefits for all its stakeholders. This in turn allows the company to keeps on operating in the forthcoming years.

The company has conducted the internal audit interviews on the top executives at the enterprise level.The company tends to develop the heat maps for the purpose of identifying the most important risk to the company. Such heat maps are most likely used in order to make the priorities on the severity of the risk impact established on meeting strategic initiatives of the company as well as maintaining the business operations.(Gallo, 2010).


To sum up, it is to conclude that the structural leadership plans are most likely used by the company in its process with the intent of drafting or formulating the strategies to have a planned and detailed strategy for the business operations.

Also, due to the sustainability program, the company has become able to meet their social responsibilities as well as managing the risk that the company has been facing through the audits on annual basis for the purpose of having an overview of what they might expect.

Afterwards, the company has made huge investment in the strategies that it had used with the ultimate purpose of handling the situation from time to time. In automotive industry, the recent trends show the potential and efficiency, the Internet of Things is one of the advancement in technology in the line of production that has allowed the connection between assembling and production. Not only this, the manufacturers are able to scale the different services and processes, this in turn eliminates the cost and scope of waste in the line of production. During the production line, various technologies such as 3D printing of models has enabled the efficiency resource use and minimized cost as well. Also, it is noteworthy that the future of the automotive industry would be in the electric cars due to the easy production line and environment friendliness of electric vehicles..............


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