Tata Motors: The Tata Ace, Chinese Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Considers the strategy and experience of Tata Motors, India's top commercial truck manufacturer, as it developed a brand new little commercial vehicle, the Tata Ace. Placed as a replacement for the three wheelers that predominated as small commercial vehicles in India, the Ace empowered Tata Motors to obtain a new market segment and create a brand new product group.

The company embraced tailored strategies to product design, distribution, promotion, service, and sourcing for the vehicle. After successfully targeting the niche, considers how Tata Motors might grow its presence in the section with new versions, enter new regional markets, export to developing or developed countries, and face new competition.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 18, 2007 PRODUCT #: 109C03-HCB-CHI

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Tata Motors: The Tata Ace, Chinese Version

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