Cisco Systems Incorporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Identification

In the fiscal year of 1997, high profile analysis was conducted in order to determine the actual problem, so that the analysis conducted could help in finding the major problem that has been a matter of concern for the CEO and the management of the Cisco Systems Incorporation.

The given case expressively evaluated the strategy to scale the organization and the degree to which it can be preserved and transferred. The main problem was red flagged which was the root of the cause for the CEO and the management team of the Cisco Systems Incorporation to make sure that the wide-ranging use of the Information Technology and Information System (IT & IS) comparatively supports the company’s aggressive strategic approach towards growth through Intranet as well as preserve the current level of growth by maintaining current strategies and finding new ones.

The CEO, Mr. John Chambers was also faced with the problem of Cisco Employees Connection (CEC), as he was in search of the proper support in order to solve the actual highlighted problem on how the Cisco System can overcome the current and expected issues which might create hurdle in maintaining their aggressive growth in terms of technology advancement and employees.

The actual problem that needs to be addressed was the adaptation of the new advanced technology for the strategic growth, with the conventional and old approach for the growth in the future. For this reason, the CEO and the management of the Cisco Systems Internationals have decided to use a technology that best suits the company’s requirements and suits the market needs and demands. On the other hand, the CEO and the management have also decided to follow the strategic policies that have been adopted by the market leaders for the sake of strategic growth. The management has decided to target the market by extremely excellent segmentation strategies.

Data Collection

We have been provided with the data in the case study of Cisco Systems Incorporation, which needs to be analyzed in order to get the optimal solution and outcomes. The data provided with the case has been based on the historical information which is completely related to the Cisco Systems Incorporation.

The whole data provided in the case was based on the multiple acquisitions that were made by Cisco Systems Incorporation in different times. The acquisitions include all large and small companies for the sake of the strategic growth and business expansion of the company. On the other hand, the CEO and the management team were also considering to not fire any employee who was the part of the acquired companies. Instead they were keen to improve the hiring criteria of the acquired companies which was yet another step towards the betterment of the company.

Model Development

Every organization in the world tends to move further according to their developed business models. However, in the case of Cisco Systems Incorporations, the goal was to not only survive in the rapidly changing industry, but to survive for a longer period. In order to achieve this goal they must bring in some changes in their developed business models to account for the rapid changes in the market as per the market needs and demands. It is normal a business that despite of some excellent performance, the companies are still keen to introduce certain changes in order to get best possible outcomes.

The company was performing well in providing state of the art and updated information systems and other technological devices which included end to end connectivity solutions, WAN switches, LAN switches, updated dial up network systems and other network management systems. The Cisco Systems Incorporation introduced a well-known reproducible model for the sake of successful acquisition, purchase, target selection approach and the business integration approaches. The process usually took around four to six months.

The CEO and the management of the Cisco Systems Incorporation believes that if the key employees did not stay with the company, then the overall value of the acquisition was just a massive loss. For this reason, the selected company should match with the technology and vision of Cisco Systems..................................

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