Tallahassee Bean Counters Case Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tallahassee Bean Counters Case Study Solution

Fictitious or ghost employees on the payroll

A ghost or fictitious employee refers to an employee who is recorded on the payroll system but does not work for any corporation or may not even exist. The ghost employee could be the fictitious person who is recruited by the deceitful or dishonest HR employee. The ultimate objective of the ghost employee fraud is having a wage paid to the ghost employee and received by the deceitful employee. This is done by entering a fictitious or ghost employee into the system of payroll.

In this case, the altered and misleading timesheets are generated by Ben in such a manner that he had created the timecards of all the three employees who used to work for Tallahassee BeanCounters, but had left their jobs to avail other employment opportunities. Since Ben was dealing as the head of monitoring the employee’s resignations and recruiting other employees as their replacement, he easily did not let the higher authorities know about the resignations as they were not directly dealing with the matters involving the employees’ recruitment and quitting, so what Ben did in order to have fraud money was that he did not take the signatures of the employees on any resignation letters. With ADP, Ben had entered the change of addresses in order to mail their checks to a similar post office in Monticello. Later on, the checks were deposited into Jessica account. He also used to crimpleor destroythe details and give a summary page to Michele. The comparison between the payroll summary and game-day employee timesheet had shown discrepancies amounted to $180.00 for each month.

Recognition of the revenue generated from ticket selling

Improper recognition of the revenue can be held accountable for the substantial portion of the financial fraud. Ben Bill has been supervising the sellers of the ticket as they had responded to reconcile the collected money with the dispensed tickets. Also, he had been signing the ticket ledger as well. Ben Bill had an overseas collection as well as a reconciliation of the process of the ticket.  The discrepancies were found between the notebook of Myrna and the recorded ticket ledger that Benhad given to Michele. The amount stolen by Ben amounted to $3949.80.

Findingsof the Case

Evidently, Ben Bill had been enjoying the overlapping authority or position within theTallahassee BeanCounters when it came to handling purchase orders, selecting the vendors as well as making payments to the vendors. He had an access to all of these actions due to which it was very easy for him to use his position for conducting fraudulent activities or practices.............


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