Juice Guys Creating The Ultimate Juice Shop Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Juice Guys Creating The Ultimate Juice Shop Case Study Solution

Key Decision Criteria

All the suggested alternatives are consistent with the prevailing situation. Each suggested alternative has been evaluated separately by considering its associated pros and cons. The first alternative suggests to apply NN’s branding in order to capture the NN’s customer. It is an already developed brand and people area ware of NN’s brand. So, it would require less investment and efforts for introducing Juice Guys brand to attract more customers. JG’s target market mainly consists of upper class group; thus its target market is considered to be small.

Another alternative is product positing that applies differentiation strategy. Although, it is a new brand and hence requires huge investment for its promotional activities,but on the other hand, there is a threat that this strategy would fail because of a new brand.The third strategy suggests high quality product with a pleasant environment. This would also require huge investment in term of décor and promotional activities in order to attract more customers. So, the first strategy is relatively better, because it does not require huge investment. NN is already a developed brand therefore, NN should use its goodwill for capturing the market for its new retail service JG. (See appendix 1 for key decision criteria)


After giving due diligence to the entire situation and analyzing all the possible alternatives, it is recommended that NN and JG should work together for marketing JG to the target customers. NN is an already developed brand, therefore NN should use its goodwill for capturing the market for its new retail service “JG”. The target market mainly consists of young professionals and health conscious people who have high income.These customers are also brand conscious which is why the brand of NN will attract them towards JG. During winter season,the marketing management would become crucial for generating high revenues. The products should be modified with the season such as hot apple cider or pumpkin smoothie etc. with an additional usage of effective promotional strategies.


To implement the above stated strategy, the company should make a task force for ensuring the systematic implementation of the strategy. The team has to work on marketing as well as on the decor of the stores for associating Juice Guys with the Nantucket Nectar. The inner and outer environment should represent the NN’s environment, which does not require more planning and scheduling. For NN branding in the store, the store should articulate the story of NN; the store’s decor should represent NN and feel like Nantucket Island. The action plan for implementing the first strategy is given below:

In 1998, NN a food and Beverages Company, which started Juice Guys as a retail juice store that sold fresh juices and smoothie in West Coast on Nantucket Island in summer. The stores successfully captured the market and generated the revenue of $227,000 in just 3 months. After seeing this success, the parent company wanted to expand its retail stores to the other areas, such as Boston. The company has conducted a market research and has found that the health conscious professionals who have high income, are the target market of its product. Therefore, the company should use its goodwill to capture the target market in the new area. Juice Guys should use its connection with the already established brand of Nantucket Nectar for its brand promotion.   The action plan would require staff training on how to deal with customers and prepare food by using NN’s ingredient accordingly. These steps would be beneficial in term of long-term planning. (N Rack off, C Wiseman, WA Ullrich, 1985)




Appendix: 1 (Alternatives Decision Criteria)

  Pros Cons
NN Branding ·         Already established brand name

·         Product quality

·         Attracting health conscious customers

·         Gather NN’s customers

·         Less investment requires

·         NN store’s decor

·         Differentiation strategy will affect

·         Unaware customers about NN brand

·         Small target market

Product Positioning ·         New brand

·         New image

·         High quality juice

·         Product Positioning

·         Differentiation strategy

·         Failure of strategy

·         Expensive marketing strategy

·         Huge investment

Product’s Quality and Atmosphere ·         Improved quality

·         Attracting health conscious customers

·         High standard customer service

·         Clean and comfortable store

·         Differentiation strategy

·         Failure of strategy

·         Expensive marketing strategy

·         Huge investment


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