Philips-indal the deal from heaven Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Philips-indal the deal from heaven Case Study Solution

What can Michael Shafer do to have Indal’s executive team adopt the NVI department’s SIA? "

Since Indal has remained to be a competitor of Philips for a long time, the sudden acquisition may fail to develop the right communication path for both the companies to reach to a mutual decision. In such situations Shafer along with the Indal’s executive, develop a devise team to work on the next project. In doing so, Shafer should open the platform for Indal’s executive to open up for the presented hurdles in developing a plan, and try to judge and understand the stance. In addition, he should initiate a join team structure in the organization which will allow Philips NVI team to work in collaboration with Indal’s executive, allowing both the parties to understand the stance and vision of each other towards the end goal.

In addition, Shaffer after the acquisition should lay down the communication strategy which will allow both the parties to start negotiating with each other on achieving the end goal instead of passing orders or asking the work to get done. This at tribute outlines the role of transformational leadership which promotes team work and joint collaboration to reach the unified goal.

Doing so, Shafer should also develop a united vision for both the companies that outlines the benefit for both by pursuing the project in the right direction. Since Indal is a separate entity and has recently become a part of Philip, Shafer needs to take in confidence the Indal’s executive as a part of Philips, leading to the development of strong valuable relationship.

Lastly Shafer should develop a separate team comprising of members from Indal and Philips both to work on the particular project. This will make both the teams to develop a like-mined approach towards achieving the end goal irrespective of company background.This way, Shafer will be able to convince Indal’s executive to adapt the NVI SIA technique into the organizational processing. (kale, 2009)..................

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