Do psychopaths possess a sense of morality? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"Do psychopaths possess a sense of morality?"

Psychopathic patients do or do not possess the sense of morality is itself a question mark which has not been explored in depth yet. However, several studies indicate that Psychopaths are ambivalent in their nature according the situation posed to them (Manuel & Shaun, 2008). Considering an example of a situation where a Psychopath is assessed for his sense of emotional quotient by asking him to describe the situation in his own emotional way; When asked to paraphrase the sentence emotionally, “The woman has been forced sunk into the river” it was found that he faced difficulty is choosing words that could describe their emotional set of mind (R.J.R., 1994). On the contrary, it is also seen, that the Psychopaths are rational decision makers, unimpaired memory, excellent language skills, and are observed to have high levels of IQ with an impeccable rationality found in their responses (Jana & Walter, 2014).

Then the question arise that what is wrong with them? The answer to this question is depicted by the fact that there is anatomy of moral decision making in their minds, which despairs their emotional instance in the brains and devastates their intact intelligence. The problem identified then is that yes, Psychopaths have brains which are abused emotionally, making their emotional parts in the brain immune to any emotional stance and making them dangerous species (Sébastien, Christine, & Bruno, 2013).  When this happens, Psychopaths act in a very calm manner. For example if confronted with a situation of excessive violence and brutality by the killer, a normal person would faint or puke, sweat with the surging pulse rate and blood pressure but a Psychopath would act as if there is nothing going wrong and has a calmed mind. To a Psychopath such acts of violence are all equivalent, whether they are seen on the spot or they are being heard or read. To this research and the supporting arguments below, it is evident that Psychopaths are unaware from the sense of morality (Alexandra, 2014).

Therefore, the brain of a Psychopath which lacks emotion is different from a brain of a normal human being. The areas of brain namely cortical areas are subject to recognize facial expressions. A cortical area of normal human brain can catch an expression of a face with fear and would result in a frightened face with high levels of activated fluids in brain which reflects the tendency of a normal brain to internalize feelings of others. On the contrary, the brain of a Psychopath responds to such cues with extreme uninterested look (Jonah). Psychopath’s emotional areas are highly unperturbed and instead of showing concern for the violence they stare with their blank faces as nothing went wrong and they were used to of such fright.

Why Psychopaths are immune to all of the violence is sought by several researches conducted by the Neuroscientists, who claim the identification of specific deficits more or less associated to the Psychopathic brain. There are two areas in the brain that cause the normal brain to act as a Psychopathic brain which include: Amygdala and the ventromedial prefrontal cortexAmygdala is an area in the brain which is responsible for the secretion of aversive emotions, for example fear, anxiety, pressure stress, depression etc (Sébastien, Christine, & Bruno, 2013). The main problem is associated to the Amygdala, which seems to be broken in the Psychopathic brain. The consequence of this broken Amygdala is that Psychopaths become emotion less and therefore, when most of us ask why the Psychopaths are so barbarous and don’t they feel the pain of the victim being brutalize, the answer to this question is it doesn’t make him nervous, to them terror is not terrifying rather it is something that soothes their souls. According to the brain imaging studies, Amydala activates spontaneously whenever the brain thinks of even committing a moral transgression, and therefore, in its absence, Psychopaths can’t make themselves alert emotionally (R.J.R., 1994).

Consequently, Psychopaths are free of emotions. Hence, they never learn from their mistakes and therefore there is a high probability for the Psychopath to repeat the brutal activity if released from the prison. Moreover, a Psychopath on a parole feels nothing wrong in acting immorally, in fact to them; it is something through which they help themselves achieve what they want. This particular thinking paves their way for further brutality and makes them more immune to the feelings of others (Andrea, Spassena, Ravi, Jesse, & Peter, 2010). To be precise, they lack emotion and not rationality as proven above, which makes it obvious that the most pertinent concept of morality to the human being is incomprehensible to the Psychopaths (Alexandra, 2014).

Not only Amgdala is the reason for the dysfunctional brain operating in the brain, but along with Amygdala is the ..................................

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