Impact of Micro Finance on Women Empowerment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Today after the surge of globalization and the economics tability after the financial crisis, many small businesses have emerged to take the opportunity of establishing the business in the realm of globalization. In such market behavior, banks introduced the micro financing service to cater the market demand for small amount of loans. Though the idea of micro financing is not new and has been pursued in the market in the shape of personal loans from households. These microfinances haveempowered women to pursue their dreams in the industry and develop a better perspective towardslife.Also these opportunities has resulted in shapingtheeconomic cycle due toincreased business activity and entrepreneur ventures, attractingforeign direct investment from the international market.The banks after identifying the opportunity in the market introduced the microfinances that not only enabled the economic wheel to circulate the wealth and money faster but also enabledthebanks to overcome the bad debts incurred in financial crisis.

Basically, microfinance refers to the to the financial services that includes loans, insurances, savings and othertype of financial services to the smallentrepreneurs and small business owners to develop or establish the function of the business, which in other case will not be possible due to shortage ofcash. Usually, these microfinance ranges from few Dollars to $20000, to start the business. The bank keeps minimal collateral as against the loan and offers the smooth services in acquiring those loans.Most often, the micro-loans are given to the small businesses who are the solebreadearner in the developing nations or to the students or entrepreneurs to test the project in developed countries.For example SteveJobs acquired 2000 microfinance loan from the bank to make bulk transistors. The example describes the role of micro-finance in developed countries and its roots in the economies along with it role in the economy which is offering the money to the individual who have business idea to pursue yet lags due to financial assistance. (Brooks, 2012).
Impact of Micro Finance on Women Empowerment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The idea of microfinance has taken more popularity in developingnations like India, China, and Pakistan and other Asian countries,where not only the rate of povertyis below the line, but also the number ofwomen is high than the men. Since these regions have poverty below the line, the model of microfinance caters the market by offering the loans to pursue the entrepreneuractivitiesto fulfill the need of financialassistance to pursue education or any other activity.

Idea of Women Empowerment

The idea of woman empowerment emerged after the word empowerment was coined in theindustry. According to US definition of empowerment “Empowerment is authorizing someone to exercise some specific power or offering the means to achieve certain goals.According to Anne (2013), empowerment refers to offering the strategic decision making power to any entity or subject which in past never existed”. Under such definition, the concept of women empowerment emerged as a by-product of empowerment.

Women empowerment is defined as the ability to overcome the socio-economic vulnerability and dependency on the “bread earner” mainly men to offer the goods and other consumergoods.It outlines the aspects that enlightens women toacquire a respectable place in the societywithout being depended or exploited by men.Also, women empowerment also refers to bringing the knowledge and power to women in understanding the social issues and getting awareness of the marketandsociety by getting exposed to the outerworld.....................

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