Status Report Of New Oil Pipeline Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Elements in the Status Reports

The elements which would be analyzed on the status report for the construction of new oil pipelinefrom Alaska to South Dakota are:

  • Budget
  • Resources
  • Milestones
  • Risks
  • Time Lines

The first and an essential element of the status report is measuring the budget of building an oil pipeline from Alaska to South Dakota. The distance between these two cities is around 3,800 km.


S.NO Description COST (PRs)
1 Material 2,000,000
2 Labor 3,500,000
3 Tools and equipment 1,000,000
4 Transportation 500,000
5 Contingency fund 90,000
6 Total Cost 7,090,000


The total cost of the project was estimated to be $7,090,000 in which the material required was around $2,000,000 which consisted of the pipeline. The labour cost for fitting the pipeline underground is estimated to be $3,500,000. Whereas the tools and equipment cost for digging underground is determined to be $1,000,000. This above budget is a complete estimation of the oil pipeline between South Dakota and Alaska.


Another of keyelements of the status report is the resources in which the main resources for building the oil pipeline between South Dakota and Alaska are the Pipes, labours, tools and equipment and others. The resources also depend upon the material quality which impacts on the oil pipeline quality.

Status Report Of New Oil Pipeline Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Law and order situation. Possible Major Increase the security between the constructionsof thepipeline.
Improper funding Possible Major Re-plan the strategy for proper funding.
Communication barriers within project team Likely Moderate Involving each of the project team members with the project and effectively communicating with them.
Skilled Labor Possible Major Always have skilled labours on backup in case some other labours leave.


Prices Likely Moderate For managing the prices, it is important to dealing with suppliers through contracts and agreements.


Time period

The time period consists of the project activities time frame such as its starting time and ending time. Such measurement is done through the critical path analysis which helps in determining which activities need resources and what alternatives could be completed more quickly.


The milestonesare one of the reference points in which the project management is monitored and is essential for keeping the project status updated. The deliverables of the project become the milestone according to its perspective time period depending on its starting time. Milestones are the most important tools for providing the knowledge of the project status to the internal and external stakeholders.

Project Status

Project Status Report
Project Leader (Insert Name)
Project Name Building a new oil pipeline
Date 21 November 2017
Status Time Quality Budget
Progress Last Week The project status is that the materials used are of normal quality for the building of new oil pipeline from Alaska to South Dakota. The Budget was going according to the estimates, however, the project was not being completed on time
Time Estimated Competition Date  Actual Completion Date
20th January 2018 5th March 2018
Budget Estimated Budget Actual Budget
$7,090,000 $7,000,000
Quality Estimated Quality Actual Quality
Superior Normal

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