Vanderbilt University Endowment (2006) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As in many modern large pools of capital, Vanderbilt University endowment invested significantly in alternative assets such as hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate and natural resources. Fund investment committee chair is trying to understand the complexity of the portfolio and the risks that may be present. As the risks of these complex strategies can be measured? And, in particular, what risks the fund is exposed to due to many types of leverage inherent in alternative investment strategies. Finally, it was the institution has sufficient resources to manage such a portfolio, and was an investment committee to ensure adequate supervision. "Hide
by Andre F. Perold, William T. Spitz Source: Harvard Business School 10 pages. Publication Date: December 11, 2006. Prod. #: 207062-PDF-ENG

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Vanderbilt University Endowment (2006)

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