Engyn in Iraq: Choosing Between Baghdad and Erbil Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When the Ministry of Oil of Iraq held its first licensing round after the fall of Saddam Hussein, better known oil reserves were offered for sale than at any other time in history. Seduced by the possibility, CEO Engyn Oil and Gas (a fictional company) began to explore ways to enter the Iraqi market. The Director-General soon found that aspiration was a risk. The biggest political minefield was a long running power-sharing dispute between the Kurds in northern Iraq and the central government. In the post-war transition process in Iraq, the Kurds have used the uncertainty in the constitutional provisions governing the energy resources of the country and make deals with foreign oil companies independent of the central government. Baghdad rejected the treaty and of the Kurds threatened to disqualify any company, which is supported by one of the bidding for the new deal in the oil ministry. The Kurds Engyn offered a lucrative contract with the disputed territory near the city of Kirkuk flash, CEO faced with a dilemma. Given two weeks to respond to the proposal, the Director General was to determine whether the signing of uncertain legality in business Kurds cost of alienation of the central government and the loss of access to Iraq's most expensive energy resources in the south. "Hide
by Condoleezza Rice, Amy Zegart, Charles Nicas Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: September 14, 2012. Prod. #: IB102-PDF-ENG

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Engyn in Iraq: Choosing Between Baghdad and Erbil

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