Meteor Solutions: Measuring the Value of Social Media Marketing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In March 2009, Steve Fowler, vice president of strategy and customer service at the full-service advertising agency Eisenberg, had just finished what he considered to be one of the most innovative campaigns he never treated. Capcom, a leading video game industry just started Resident Evil ® 5 (RE5), the latest version of one of the most valuable franchises in the games industry. RE5, a powerful asset with a passionate fan base, it was justified to use the Internet viral or word-of-mouth (WOM), Campaign for the worldwide launch of the game. Despite the creative work and the appropriate media for RE5 launch were carefully planned, Fowler was also interested in assessing the effectiveness of the campaign in order to better serve their customers. In the past, measuring WOM was virtually impossible. However, the software company called Meteor Solutions found a way to do just that. Fowler and his team worked with Meteor run several campaigns for other clients, but he never called Meteor tools on such a large scale. Fowler knew that Capcom would like to hear specific numbers WOM. What was the return on investment in RE5 campaign and the implications for future campaigns? If Meteor funds provided a comprehensive and up to date information, or had more work to do before these solutions can be widely used in advertising? "Hide
by Mark Jeffrey, Zev Kleinhaus, Twinkle Ling, Itaru Matsuyama, Thien Nguyen-Chung, Keita Suzuki Source: Kellogg School Management 22 pages. Publication Date: 01 February 2011. Prod. #: KEL548-PDF-ENG

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