Foxy jewellersare the most noticeable and finest brand that is quite close to the hearts of its customers. A massive pride of the foxy original is the local production of its jewellery, the items are manufactured in the Toronto, Ontario. The jewellery of foxy original is made in the positive environment. The Foxy jewellers are highly committed to providingthe finestjewellery items to its customers, it is responsible for the ethical and virtuous production. They assure the quality of the material with the strict best practices in safety and health to ensure that the material will not harm its customers. Everyone who is committedto the provision of finest and premium jewellery to the customers is treated with admiration and respect. They are also highly recognized for their optimum and ultimate efforts and responsibility towards the work (chegg, 2017).


The founder of the foxy originals decided to increase its sales and profitability of the business. For this purpose, he decided to sales its jewellerythrough retailer and online in the Canada and United States as well. The partners of the foxy jewellers had to decide that where they should concentrate most of their time, money and efforts on developing and recognizing online sales or to proceeds the attention towards the trade shows that highly invited the additional and excessive retail places. Both the partners of the foxy jewellers namely, Jen Kluger and Suzie Orol wanted to achieve market share to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

The founding partners wanted to inspire by the delightful, fun and colourful experience. All the collections were produced seasonally in the production house of Toronto. The foxy originals also provide an attractive and charming packaging so that customers prefer to have them for gifting to their loved ones. To secure the retail customers the founders personally attended the trade shows and was hiring the sales representatives. They tend to gain the exposure for the new and modern collection of the foxy original. Besides that, they also wanted to stay ahead of the fashion trend of themarket.

Launching of the Foxy finest brand in the United States market:

The foxy original has offered its products in the Canadian market which represents a growth opportunity for the business. Since the founders of the brand had anextensive understanding of designing the jewellery, they had perfectly done trade and they knew which market is to be targeted by providing funky, fun and fresh products at anaffordable price. They have also targeted the niche market in order increase the number of loyal customers (foxy-originals, 2017)

Launching products in the Canadian market cost a time and money to expand thebusiness. Although it was an opportunity for the brand to target the new market, it seems as the burden on the business because it had to conduct the market research and find the target market.They had to decide the outlets, theprice of the products and estimated cost of the transportation and export.

The foxy original tends to make the unique and differentiated products for the niche market. The price of the products was affordable and economical so that anyone can make purchases with little or no efforts because it could conveniently reach to its customers. the founder has considered the loyalty to the brand rather than setting a high price and to gain the long-term profitability to recover its exporting and transportation costs.  The target was the college-agedwomen so that they could hire the sales representatives in the United States to create the awareness.....................................

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