Are You Ready for the Co-Creation Movement? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The plethora of social networking tools available nowadays, from Facebook to YouTube to sites, attests to the new paradigm called "co-creation," which the writer first described several years ago and now says is poised to take the world by storm. Co-creation is the procedure by which services, products and encounters are developed collectively by businesses and their stakeholders, opening up a completely new world of value. The author finds that people seem to be more prepared than most enterprises to adopt what is fast defining the landscape of the future though being employed by particular progressive organizations.

To be prepared, thinking of people must cease as mere passive receivers of worth, to whom they have delivered goods and services. Rather, firms must seek to employ individuals as active co-creators of value on every front. For large, established organizations, it starts by co-creating an unique employee experience inside the association. Then you can grow a co-creative engagement platform based on four fundamental building blocks: Conversation, Accessibility, Risk-Compensation Evaluation and Foil (DART). Practiced effectively, your organization can grow into a mighty tree, from which all types of fruit will be ripe for the taking.


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Are You Ready for the Co-Creation Movement?

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