Stack brewing: a little brewery in the big Nickel Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Stack brewing: a little brewery in the big Nickel Case Study Solution

Execution Plan

The company should execute the social media marketing strategy by creating website that would bring together creativity, key messages and conversion points for customers and prospects. The objective of creating the website should be to drive the engagement and action. The social media platform should be primarily used as the channel to drive awareness and reach.

The company can execute the media plan by creating a viral marketing campaign which would help the company in spreading the word about Stack Brewery Company. The viral campaigns should include twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel as well as a website dedicated to the company. Such socialization tactics would help the company in enhancing the product branding and reaching the targeted audience, critical to the success of Stack Brewery Company.(Quesenberry, 2016).

In addition to this, the company should use community management on continuous basis, for the purpose of monitoring the company’s customers. Additionally, the company should post relevant and fresh content on regular basis to increase the social media traffic. The content should include the information related to the new product launching and events. All the content should be designed to be open ended,which would most likely encourage the interaction with the audience.(Trevail, 2016).

Additionally, the company should get engaged with the customers through Instagram, Facebook and twitter.The company should to reply them on their queries and make them engaged in the conversation about the company and its products. It would strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers. The company can introduce special prices and giveaways to its both customers segments i.e. online and offline customers. The company should also create events for exclusive tastings as the testing of new products would improve the relationship of the company with its customers because they would feel like they are having an exclusive privilege.(Teixeira, 2012).

By doing so, the company would be able to leverage its production capabilities as well as boost its sales, by making the customers aware about the company and its products, and helping it to penetrate the market with new marketing and brand awareness strategies. Furthermore, the company would be able to not only succeed in terms of attracting new customers but it would also gain the loyal customer clientele who are knowledgeable on product and company.


The company should measure the number of likes, followers and congruent measurements each site has. The company should run analytics for the purpose of determining the engagement level, which groups are interested in viewing the sites, and how the groups are getting to the company’ page and if they are sharing the information with their friends, families or relatives and are they reaching out to Stack Brewing company.

Also, the company should survey the customers in order to find the attachment level they feel towards the brand the personal relationship that the company has developed with them, over the period of time. Also, the company should survey for baseline of customer’s knowledge of the company’s  marketing campaigns. The company should evaluate that how many customers are attracted through the strategies implemented for grabbing the attention of the customers.


A grant from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, the grand worth amounting to $125000.

Objective: Increasing traffic and extending presence on social media and networking sites that would increase the brand awareness and sales.

Media advertising strategiesAllocated budget
Community Management$27000
All Social Media Sites$10000
Special Events$30000
Large Billboard Advertisements$18000
Ad On Half-Page Magazine$8000
Advertising Motion Picture$12000
Grand Total$125000


After taking into consideration the issues emerging within the company, and various effective communication, marketing and distribution tactics, it is recommended that the company should focus on customer satisfaction, marketing by using differentiation strategy and developing long term relationships with customers. It is recommended to the company that it should hire the Brew Master, taking over the current task of Shawn. Shawn would then be able to concentrate on his efforts for getting into the LCBO. Also, it is recommended that the company should sell products in LCBO liquor stores and expand the key sales. The company should target young male customers through bar, pub and restaurants promotions. The company should include social media promotions in its strategy. It should use twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels that would allow the company to improve the product branding and to increase the reach to the targeted customers.

Appendix A –SWOT Analysis



      High quality and fresh beer

Production diversification

Adaption to each kind of customer

Successful in Montreal and Southern Ontario

      Weak marketing strategy

Limited production

      Huge beer market in Canada

Investment from provincial government for microbreweries

Positive media article

Eat local movement

      Diminution of beer consumption

Aging population in Sudbury

String competition in Sudbury and Ontario


Appendix B – Media Advertising Strategies


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