Right Clients, Right Way Successes And Challenges Of Brand Consultant Tommy Li Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Right Clients, Right Way Successes And Challenges Of Brand Consultant Tommy Li Case Solution

Introduction:Tommy Liis one of the famous brand designer and consultants in the Hong Kong and he is also an international awards winner as he impressed the design industry with his bold visual impact of designing. He never chose his clients for his design rather he believed that the choice of the clients would be determined by his work.

Tommy Li was a planner and brand expert well-known for his dark humor and strong visual effect. With business expanding over Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan and Italy, he was one of only one of the few Hong Kong designers to have entered the global business sector. In his ten years of experience as a configuration staff part, Li discovered that getting the right customer was the way to an effective outline consultancy business.

Therefore, Li set up his own organization to have full flexibility in attracting his target customers, and his "choosing customers strategically" attitude brought him great achievement. Thus, he became one of the popular Hong Kong designers and brand experts with local as well as international clients. It was considered as the largest international designer companies that targeted China to enter a new market, due to which Li saw increasing competitive pressure. Hence, the company has to develop the strategies in order to remain competitive in the industry by comparing and contrasting the service based firms and shop-based firms. Along with this, the company has to define the future position of Tommy Li and to provide the design processes in order to compete in international firms.

1.      How did Li build a successful design and brand consultancy business in Hong Kong?  What did he do better than others?

The key success factor to understand the market of Hong Kong, as it requires understanding corporate culture of the country, not only depends on the logo and packages, but it also depends on entrepreneurial spirit which makes the design and consultancy same. Over here, the design serves as a tool to express the brand information and the success can be achieved through prior communication with the customers and strong market research.

Tommy Li’s success in terms of designing and consulting firm in Hong Kong depends on the business expertise in developing and launching the brands through advertising and PR agents, which are used as the modes of promotions to its end users. Along with this, it serves the consulting strategy, which helps the firm in enhancing its performance as compared to its past performance, as well as it helps the company in determining the problems and in developing the plan for solution and further improvement.

His approach towards his work was to choose the right client for himself. He had a clear image of the brand as well as he targeted the clients wisely. He does not target the conservative clients, as they may avail the services once but its not sure that they would avail the services again.

He studied the market trends of the brands for which he is working and develop the trust and loyalty for. For every project, he asked 50% advance payment for the project, which according to his approach, ensures that the client was as loyal to him as he was and if he found any resistance in paying in advance, then he would that project.

Along with this, the company had the competitive advantage of the management, which can enable Tommy Li to perform better than other companies.The major elements of Design Company include:

1.      Design Capability:

It is considered as the basic element of every designing company, as the design trends keep changing as well as they are entirely dependent on the external environment. Moreover, they require continuous up-to-date information regarding the changing pattern. Therefore, the management of Tommy Li’s company comprised of various factors that inspired the designs, which resulted in the development of content based designs..............................

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