St Joseph Care Group: Internal And External Analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

St Joseph Care Group: Internal And External Analysis Case Study Solution


After taking into consideration the internal analysis of St. Joseph Healthcare Group, it is suggested that the corporation should increase its access to care for under insured and uninsured in area which lacks appropriate healthcare services. Additionally, the company should increase its access or strengthen its foothold in mental health service and improve the integration of mental health and primary care services.

In addition to this, the healthcare group need to participate in local collaborative partnership and promote the healthy lifestyle and behavior through improving the percentage of patient with follow up plan, BMI charted if patient is underweight / overweight. Moreover, the healthcare group need to reduce the gap in education achievement in the schools through engaging with the community partners for the purpose of developing a plan to improve the score of EDI.

Increasing the access to the health screening is vital for the low income population, through which the company can provide the pre-employment vacancies and screening to young adults and teen and provides numerous lab imaging and test to patients. The with patient testing would most likely reducing the potential for errors, accelerating the availability of critical test information to help disposition of patients and expedite diagnosis and helps in improving the efficiency of the healthcare as a whole.

External Analysis

In this competitive era, where every second competitor tries to stab on back, it is important to have a detailed knowledge about factors that are apparently outside ones’ control but can question your competitive position. These determinants include political stability, economics parameters, technological elevation and demographic, social and cultural changes. And these parameters are known as external factors. Health care industry is also highly influenced by these external grounds. So, it is imperative to conduct external analysis to foresee the opportunities as well as threats.The detail regarding the forces is provided below.

PESTEL Analysis


Changes in government policies, rules, regulation and its national as well as international commitments highly affect the effectiveness of an organization that cannot be ignored. According to Alzheimer Society Canada today more than 50000 seniors are living with dementia in country and this statistics is rising sharply on hourly basis. It is estimated that if is not cured with iron hand, more than million Canadian will be suffering from it in 2031. Keeping in view this drastic situation Government of Canada took initiative to spend $50 million over five years, starting from 2019-20 to back the execution of Canada’s first ever National Dementia Strategy by collaborating with private as well public healthcare centers. Apart from this commendable initiative, recent government also in thought of implementing National Pharm care with the help of partnership between federal, parochial and territorial government as well as indigenous peoples. These funding and initiatives by the Liberal Party government are in great favor of  St. Joseph’s group as it will be provided with number of opportunities to prove itself in healthcare center. Ergo. It is advisable that the St. Joseph’s group should be ready to opt this chance before it will be grabbed by its competitors.

On the other hand, government allow easy and transparent exit or entry for foreign investors and businesses. As per the World Banks’ Doing Business 2018 report, initiating a business in Canada is far easier than any other country. The absence of entry and exit barrier can pose a fear of new competitors on St. Joseph’s group


Ups and downs in the economy of a country is another element that impact any organization and St. Joseph’s group cannot be escaped from it. As per recent budget Canada’s real gross domestic product GDP will decline to 1.6% in 2019-20. Apart from this, the admixture of rising household debts, inclining interest rate and revolving slow growth in wages is expected to constrain household consumption. While another threats to the economic growth are instability in the prices of commodities, risk of hard Brexit and diddling trade issues between China and the US. This economic situation can hinder the people to spend more on their health than their quotidian livelihood which inversely is not in the favour of St. Joseph’s group. Furthermore, dementia is one of the expensive diseases which cannot be provided by St. Joseph’s group at lower possible cost. Moreover, less consumer expenditures and un affordability of expensive disease can also circumscribe the St. Joseph’s group progress in delivering quality services to its clients.


Demographic factor is also imperative to analyse to know its implications on organization particularly from healthcare perspective this ground is of immense importance. Apart from dementia, Canada is currently facing the issue of an aging population. The average age of the country’s population is 42.2 years in 2017 that shows 50% of population is above the age of 42.2 years. As per organization of economic corporation and development OECD dependency rate of population of Canada is going to elevate. In short it means the aging population can pose a burden not only on the economy but also on the healthcare sector as old agers have more health issues


Technological advancement is inevitable and in order to be competitive it is crucial to adapt ones’ operation according to the technological changes. On this part, Government of Canada provides more Research and Development R&D tax incentives than United States. Favorably, St. Joseph’s group has also a room for research and learning which can be further decorated by governments’ R&D tax incentives. Furthermore, cloud computing is a unique way of delivering improved health care facilities. It also aid health care research and change the paradigm of health information technology. And it will be a competitive advantage for St. Joseph’s group, if proper and timely action is taken to implement cloud computing.


Stakeholders are those individuals that are directly or indirectly indulge in the healthcare mechanism and would be impacted by the reforms and changes to the system.The major stakeholders in St. Joseph’s group are patients, government, pharmaceutical firms, and medical and non-medical staff. Each of them are connected to the organization in way or other. And relationship between all of them are quite complex. Brief impact of these stakeholders will be highlighted under the following head………..


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