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The main story of the book “Critical Chain” by E. M. Goldratt revolves around an associate professor named Rick Silver. The professor has been struggling quite a lot, where he is trying to actually make it in the academic world. Basically, Rick Silver is an MBA who has been using the Socratic Method for education.

Moreover, he and his MBA class have decided to actually discover and also apply all the new and radical new project management concepts. Basically, as he further explores, the principal side characters are basically the young task force that has been charged with the dramatically reducing a modem manufacturer which is time to time cycle. Rick Silver is a decent enough teacher, with good knowledge.

However, his concern is regarding the fact where he needs tenure and he is also in need of different and new publications. The area of interest for thee professor has been the course project management. He basically aims to make it different and actually provide difference in this field off project management through his research.

Along with this, the aim of the author in the book is that he has been trying to portray a rather clear education system where he actually wants to accommodate the ever changing world of business. Moreover, the idea is to point out the different issues and also the problems that occur with the time estimates which are normally done on the different projects.

Moreover, it than also provides a primer on the Theory of Constraints and an example of the implementation in a steel mill. Therefore, it can be said that the basic them and the idea is to show the process and the theory of constraints which can be rather applied to the schedule generation, the multiple projects and the resource constraints also.

Critical Path:

Critical path is basically the longest sequence of the different activities in a specific project plan which needs to be rather completed on specific time where the project has to be completed within the time allocated to it. Moreover, an activity which is a part of the critical path cannot be rather started until and unless its predecessor activity has been completed.

Moreover, if it is delayed for a day, the overall project shall be delayed too. Moreover, a critical path is basically all the different tasks that help in determining the due date in a specific project schedule. Therefore, if one of the projects is not completed within the time frame allocated, the overall project gets delayed.

The Theory of Constraints:

The Theory of Constraints basically explains and also explores the fact that each and every system there is a constraint on the overall output. The reason for his is based upon the fact that each and every system that is presented has an infinite or even a zero output. Along with this, the constraint is sometimes due to a constrained availability of the input or even to the capacity limits of the throughput.

Moreover, the exploiting, the identification and also the evaluation of the constraint system have been the availability of the capacity limits and the inputs of the overall project. Moreover, it has also been observed where the exploiting and also by elevating, the overall system and its output is increased quite easily.

Along with this, the theory of constraint is also applied to the project management. The throughput is also done on the project and hence the output has been supported to complete the project within the time allocated. Moreover, it is along with the lines of the budget and also within the lines of its specifications.

Furthermore, to actually increase the overall output of a particular project, or even to make the project use lesser time and even limited amount of money than different specified outcomes need to be based around the theory of constraintsCritical Chain Case Solution

Identification of the system’s constraint:

In a specific project management context the basic identification step has to be rather allocated to those critical resources and the interdependent activities that shall have a larger negative impact on the duration of the project, its cost and also the scope.

Exploitation of the constraint:

The exploitation of the step demands that all the critical activities and all the resources have been scheduled in a rather optimal way. Moreover, the different scheduling of the activities and the resources are also required to be subordinated.............

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