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Need For a New Social Media Plan

This is the era of social media. Every company wants to market their product through social media. As social media is a very fast and less expensive way to develop the brand awareness among the target market. McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets. McDonald’s is also part of social media marketing. It is currently providing different features across different social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter etc. McDonald’s US Facebook page has more than 27 million fans and several hundred thousand likes. McDonald’s uses the social media to promote its brand and products, but it does not involve in giving consideration to the negativity regarding its brand on social media sites.

Therefore, there is a need of new social media plan for McDonald’s because McDonald’s does not take active part in responding to the negative feeds on social media. McDonald’s social media marketing faces countless problems regarding the criticism, sarcastic and other negativecomments on their social media channels. Moreover, McDonald’s does very little in posting the contents, updates and videos on social media. It makes very little efforts in responding to its customers and giving them replies on its pages, it only post updates about its products.

Current Efforts in Social Media Marketing

McDonald’s is a huge brand and it served around 68 million customers in 119 countries through its 35,000 outlets. Thus, the numbers are huge that prove that McDonald’s has huge fan following also in the fast food industry. McDonald’s is also part of social media campaigns and it has a huge fan following on different social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube and twitter. The company engages in a practice of promoting its brand and products through the social media. There are more than 27 million fans on its US Facebook fan page. Comparatively, McDonald’s is one of the most appreciated brands on the social network. McDonald’s posts as little as 5 updates each month, but these posts still attracts several thousand “likes” and “comments”, which is higher than the other companies which posts updates frequently.
Despite of such a big fan following, McDonald’s doesn’t take initiative to expand its social media marketing that can help it to increase the sales and revenues. Relatively, McDonald’s only involves in posting on Facebook, about its product ranges and the items which are soon to be added in their menu. Unlike Facebook, McDonald’s USA involves in investing a lot of efforts and time on maintain the Tweets feeds. Though, McDonald’s posts several feeds or updates each day and consist of 995,000 followers, still it does not take active part in posting updates other than the promotion of their products.

Social Media Marketing Objectives of McDonald’s

The objectives are necessary for any brand or company, to achieve its goals. The brand or company should identify its objectives which are relevant, measurable and achievable. Similarly, following are the objectives that the social media plan would seek:

1) To increase the brand awareness or identity nationwide.

2) To gain the interest of the fans or customers.

3) Responding to the problems and queries.

Choosing Target Audience

McDonald’s is considered to be one of the largest in fast food industry. It serves range of products to the different countries in the world through its 35000 outlets. The fast food lovers are increasing day by day. Even though there are many reports on McDonald’sas not being a healthy option, since many restaurants in the world are focusing on low calories snacks and burgers also. Achieving the sales targets of the products requires targeting the customers and providing them the products according to their needs and benefits. Similarly, the targeted audience is very important in the case of McDonald’s. The target audience of McDonald’s on social media could be the parents with children, teenagers, business customers and children. Hence, the social media can prove to be an efficient source for spreading the message worldwide and also targeting the mass consumer market. The parents with children can be targeted because parents most likely take their children where they could enjoy and McDonald’s restaurants provides best atmosphere for kids. Moreover, business customers can order McDonald’s when they have a lunch break or when enjoying sports. Similarly, the teenagers are also targeted because McDonald’s is the best place where they can meet with friends and have meal together................................

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