Population Services International: The Social Marketing Project in Bangladesh Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

The problem that is identified in the case “Population Services International: The Social Marketing Project in Bangladesh” is that a population control program was introduced in Bangladesh, PSI introduced two products which were Raja condoms and Maya contraceptive pills. The company was involved in social marketing. Over the period of time, the sales for Raja condom increased to a great deal where they were successful in grabbing major part of market share. However, the sales of Maya declined in the same period. Although the prices for Maya was less and cheap still it was unable to penetrate in the market. Initially, when Maya was launched it was a successful brand, but with the passage of time the image of the product went down. The product was rejected by the doctors and Maya was seen as a low cost poor quality product to control birth rate.


With respect to the current problem identified where the sales of Maya contraceptive pills has decreased, following analysis might be a useful tool to increase the sales for the company and eventually make it redevelop itself in the market.

Reposition Maya as superior drug:

The first option which could revive the sales for Maya can be achieved by repositioning the brand in the market. Over here, the company can repackage itself by introducing new packaging for the product. Older version of Maya can be phased out of the market, and new packaged goods can be introduced in the market though TVCs. The pill could also be promoted though radio ads and print advertisement while focusing on social media campaigns also. The advertisement for the new pill could be such where it has the information or the usability of Maya. This way people could associate themselves with the pill and eventually realize its purpose and usage. Secondly, the pill should be distributed across the country so that it can penetrate in the urban and rural areas simultaneously.

Price Skimming Strategy:

Another option which can revive the sales for the company is to increase the prices of Maya contraceptive pills. As for now, the prices of the product is quite low therefore, the general public perceive it as a low quality product. Therefore, with new packaging the company should also look to increase the prices and in fact follow price skimming strategy. By increasing the prices not only will the company reap profits but the wholesaler and the retailers will also benefit from it. With more profit margins for the wholesaler and the retailer, they will definitely push the product to the customers.

Personal Selling:

Once the product Maya is repositioned and the packaging of the product is changed, it will obviously be perceived as a new product. Now to increase its sales in the market, the company should also look to sell the product through personal selling. The company can setup stalls at different supermarkets and chemists stores where they can educate customer about the features and attributes of the product. This way the company can actually revamp itself in the market where customers can associate themselves with the new product offering.


With the above recommended strategies for Maya contraceptive pills, it is recommended that the company should look to reestablish the brand in the market through the above marketing techniques. Along with this, the company should also look to promote and educate the target market about the features and advantages of Maya pills through social media campaign.....................

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Population Services International (PSI) was not-for-profit agency is created for the dissemination of information on family planning and on the market control products the birth rate, above all to less developed countries, aspiring curb the of their explosions of the population. In 1976, the PSI entered into the agreement with the Government of Bangladesh to conduct social marketing programs, with the aim of use of modern methods of marketing sell subsidized contraceptives through trading point. Seven years later, three managers PSI was the meeting in Washington PSI, DC headquarters, to discuss the 1984-86 marketing strategy for two products: Raja condoms and Maya the contraceptive pill. Particular concern causes that fact, that the marketing approach, which has proved extremely successful for the Raja, brings bad results sales the Maya. PSI managers need to develop a plan of actions to improve Maya sales. "Hide
by V. Kasturi Rangan Source: Harvard Business School 19 pages. Publication Date: September 13, 1985. Prod. #: 586013-PDF-ENG

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