Telemedicine Opportunity or a Distraction Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Case Synopsis

The case discusses the implementation and extending the process of Telemedicine which is defined as an Information Technology which provides the assistance of clinical healthcare at a distance. It aids in removing the barrier across different medical services which is often not available in the rural areas. Moreover, it provides a communication medium between the patient and a medical staff. Furthermore, the term Telemedicine could also be referred to as a way for sharing the information from one point to another by the means of electronic conversations, while making an enhancement for the patients’ value. Therefore, the case discusses that the Executive Director Shawn Ferrall at Partners TeleStroke Program wanted to implement an effective action plan which focuses on providing the consulting services for telemedicine and also to expand the scope of telemedicine beyond general healthcare to a more diversified treatment of stroke and pediatric treatments.

Pilot testing were conducted for checking the viability of the services of telemedicine. However, only few of the researches conducted ensured that the particular services that shall be provided by a company would be viable. A full implementation of telemedicine services were offered by Partners Healthcare TeleStroke and the particular services were being managed by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The key issue of the case has remained upon the expansion of the particular telemedicine services across the company and also addressing the problems that could emerge during the implementation of IT software and other equipment so that there shall be an effective way in providing the required services. Therefore, a strategy was required in devising the action plan that could merge the two external healthcare units which include Partner Healthcare and MGH to focus in providing services by the name of TeleStroke. The basic aim of the program only entails upon those patients that have severe strokes so that they could be provided with the professional medical staff in preventing the patients from the stroke problems.

Strategy Analysis

In preventing from the new diseases and disorder of strokes around the world, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has been contributing well to ensure a viable treatment by maintaining a higher budget for the research and development. The company spends $700 million each year for the research initiatives in fighting against different kinds of diseases and disorders which include AIDS, cancer, diagnosing and treatment of cardiovascular problems, and many others. The particular medical institution is managed under the provision of Harvard Medical School and is located at the West side of Boston. It is also a teaching institute where the training of the medical staff is held to perform research in their related field along with the biomedical facility for the research (Maheu, 2001).

The aim of the business is to develop medical professionals so that they would be able to serve patients in health related services and be able to improve the healthcare system in different parts of the country through their leadership skills, research studies, involvement in the society, and to extend their hand to different societies. However, the institute pursues a broader vision of not just providing treatment and curing an individual, but also to provide different modes of treatment and expanding the advantages to rural areas of the country to the homeless people living across the globe. The idea remains simple to ensure that the treatment strategies shall prevail in different societies. Therefore, the company has also outlined the strategies to achieve its broader vision which includes the training and performing learning activities for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who are directly or indirectly involved in the patient care.

Here are two strategies for the institute to focus upon. The first strategy discusses about the Mass General which focuses upon differentiating the core opportunities and also in addressing the objectives, goals, and other priorities of the institute while keeping in mind the excellence to achieve for the hospital. However, the other strategy of the company is referred to as cross cutting in which the goals of the company highlighted are to receive feedbacks from the stakeholders of the hospital so that they shall provide the direction to the hospital in every departments be it research centers, academics, or other services. Therefore, the company’s strategy is aligned with its goal to provide care and treatment for the society.................................

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