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Japan has filed a complaint before WTO on 2nd July 2015, the complaint relates to the certain measures concerning taxation and other charges in the automotive industry, technology industry as well as electronics industry. Moreover, Japan also requested top consultants in Brazil to deeply consider the measures related to tax advantages for exporters.

According to Japan’s claim the measures are inconsistent with certain articles of GATT 1994, SCM agreements, as well as TRIMs agreement. However, the respondent in this case was Brazil. However, a request has been made by WTO to the European Union to join the consultants on 16th July 2015. The complaint has not yet been resolved.

Furthermore, Japan has been found in 21 cases before WTO as a complainant, 15 cases before WTO as a respondent, as well as 155 cases before WTO as a third party.


The country provides tax advantages as well as strives to reduce certain charges of its leading industry which generates most of the revenue for the country in order to encourage their business. The company follows this policy in order to strengthen the profitability and sustainability of its major industries as these industries are the backbone for the economy.


All the leading sectors of Japan especially the leading exporters of the country, such as automotive industry, technology industry as well as electronics industry will be highly benefited from these policies as these policies would decrease the overall costs of the company by decreasing their tax and other expenses and  subsequently increasing their overall profitability.


These policies support and encourage the exporters to enhance their operations at an out sized scale. Increase in exports will ultimately boost up the economic growth of the company and there by effecting its economic structure............................

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