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Elie Saab Case Solution 


ElieSaab, the brand name, is a couture house which became renowned for its innovative, sophisticated, glamour high fashion. Elie Saab, the person behind the brand ES, was a high-end fashion designer, who designed clothes as his passion which is why the brand received an extra mileage in everything while serving the customers.

The four main categories in which ES deals in are:

Haute couture: Saab introduced and made several 100 dresses every year that were completely customized and made on order, even the type of cloth,color,style,design,hairstyle and accessories were guided by Saab himself to give customers a more personalized service. This houte couture product line made the brand very famous for its unparalleled design and services.

RTW: This is a more accessible product line that Elie Saab offers. This is not as time consuming as the houte couture line. This product line includes jackets,evening gowns and pants.

Accessories: This line includes shoes,handbags, scarves, jewelry,belt, fragrance and cosmetics. This accessories product line complemented Elie Saab’s business strategy which was providing exclusivity to only those who can afford

Wedding Dresses: Wedding Dresses were classified as either Haute couture or RTW . Elie believed in doing something that stood for unsurpassable luxury and be an iconic representation of his creativity, hence he conceptualized the creative direction regarding interiors as well as the exterior designs for the exclusive luxury.

The core product view is providing everything to the High-end customer that is termed as luxury which ensembles exclusivity, ornamentation and style that no one is offering and is exclusively exclusive for those who can afford thus, giving a sense of individuality and creating a unique brand experience. Another unique offering by ES is the exquisite personalized service to each and every customer by Elie Saab himself to make sure that the big day of the customer makes a statement. Thus, working more closely and analyzing the customers in depth was the core competency of ES.



  • The company has a well-established market and a public image as luxurious brand.
  • The company, ES,has a characteristic of exclusivity thus, targeting those who wants to stand out of the crowd.
  • The company has unparalleled quality of service and clothing that no one can match.
  • The company has been successful in framing its position as a luxurious brand in the mind of the customer which many brands fail as they start a business. It also maintained its image by deliberately avoiding emerging middle class markets.
  • The major strength that became the reason of success for ES is the Famed Clientele.Yes, ES has been chosen by many famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie,Lady Gaga which made it very clear in the market that it is a luxurious exclusive brand. This famed clientele helped ES to increase its sale as many people bought the dress just because of the celebrities.


  • The company lacks an effective distribution channel mainly because of its limited number of stores, which makes the image and presence of the company diluted in the market.
  • The company also lacks the diversification of product thus, making it vulnerable due to changing trend of the market. The market is shifting towards more reasonable yet exclusive designer clothes.......................
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