New Google Ceo: From Rags To Riches Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Google is an American multinational technology-based company, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Nowadays, Google is considered as a top web property for all major global markets. Recently, Larry page co-founder of the Google announced the massive restructuring of the company and institute Sundar Pichai as a new CEO of Google. Moreover, Larry page, along with other co-founder Sergey Brin shifted from Google to a larger holding company known as Alphabet. Furthermore, the reorganization of the company also involves the significant financial restructuring.

Sundar Pichai, a Chennai-engineer had a goal to become a successful person in the future. The life of the Sundar Pichai seems like the tale of the story that a boy without the silver spoon in the mouth, as he achieved one of the coveted positions in the world such as CEO of the Google through its hard work and dedication.

His father was an electrical engineer for the British conglomerate GEC and managed electrical components in the factory. Moreover, his mother worked as a stenographer before she had children. Sundar Pichai used to live with his family in two rooms apartment, without any means of private transportation and other facilities.

Furthermore, Sundar faced extreme financial hardships in his early years of life. However, he was inspired by his father’s stories of job life and established an objective to achieve success in life. In the early age, he discovered a hidden talent of retaining number or figures. The ability to retain numbers became a center of attention in the Google offices when he quoted the exact statistics in front of the president of engineering in Google.

Therefore, Sundar Pichai started to pursue his career as an electrical engineer. After graduation, Pichai got scholarship at Stanford University to study material science and semiconductor physics. However, it was difficult for his family to meet the expenses because the total income of the family was not enough to pay the fees. In 1993, he arrived at Stanford and worked as a product manager for applied material in a Silicon Valley, a semiconductor maker. Moreover, in 2002, he pursued an MBA degree and became a consultant for McKinsey.

In 2004, Sundar became an integral part of the Google and then joined a browser war with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and then Apple Safari. Moreover, Sundar Pichai, with his vision responsibility and hard work led Google to gain competitive advantage and more customers. Apart from that, Sundar comprises many qualities and powers such as leadership skills, humble nature, coercive power, and also encourages his team to work effectively and efficiently.NEW GOOGLE CEO FROM RAGS TO RICHES Case Solution

Furthermore, Sundar initiated a strategy to avoid making enemies in the organization and navigate Google politics to make his diverse team successful. This strategy helps Google to rise in the future and help to sustain the growth of the company. Apart from that, it is believed that Sundar played a major role in Google’s acquisition of Nest...........................

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