Shareholder Democracy: Does Gretchen Get It Right Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By 2007, Gretchen Morgenson, assistant editor and columnist for New York Times, has received considerable attention from business leaders, regulators, and scientists for covering a wide range of financial and management issues. Morgenson wrote most of his articles on corporate abuses at the executive and board, drawing attention to both the known and less well-known examples of misconduct in corporate America. Not everyone, however, agreed with her image and analytical approach to the coverage of governance issues. Critics have argued that, although many of the trends, she said were worthy of discussion, her article is not a comprehensive review of the proper or recognize broader implications of their position. To some extent, Morgenson critics were as aggressive in their denial, as she was in her statements. Observers were to doubt the controversy, used by both parties contributed to further public understanding of the issues under discussion, or they, not fueled rage, leaving both sides can not be divided on the role of the shareholders and directors in corporate governance. "Hide
by David F. Larcker, Brian Tayan Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 19 pages. Publication Date: November 15, 2007. Prod. #: CG09-PDF-ENG

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Shareholder Democracy: Does Gretchen Get It Right

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