Rudy Giuliani: The Man and His Moment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the hours and days after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that destroyed the New York Twin Towers, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has proved, in the opinion of many, for his leadership style. A combination of determination, confidence, courage and compassion appeared to rally the city and the United States. Although not long before he was under fire aspect of his mayoralty, the post 9/11 Giuliani won national and international recognition as a leader. This case describes a detailed response Giuliani is such that students are effective public management can analyze both Giuliani and style solutions as examples. The case combines a written report on the career of Giuliani, his often controversial pre-9/11 tenure, as well as a detailed description of it, and the response of the Government of New York terrorist attacks. Written case complemented video exhibition, which combines real-time footage during Giuliani after mall attack, as well as reflections on the key New York with his approach and his leadership qualities. Housing provides fodder for discussion of the personal and institutional characteristics that have come into play during an emergency crisis management. They include personal and political behavior Giuliani, his heroes and role models, as well as emergency situations in New York system and how it was deployed. There teaching note for this case (1681.2). HKS Case Number 1681.0 "Hide
on Taiya Smith, Hannah Riley Bowles, 34 pages. Publication Date: 01 May 2003. Prod. #: HKS082-PDF-ENG

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