Service Sabotage: The Dark Side of Service Dynamics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

While many aspects of research and development services to assume that employees are largely compliant with the prescribed standards of service management, a number of recent studies have highlighted the deliberate sabotage of the staff as a key issue. We argue that the service sabotage is important not just because of the prevalence of such behavior, but also because of the impact that such action may have on the growth and profitability of the company. Therefore, we aim to achieve three interrelated objectives in this article. First, we identify as a service saboteurs harm customer service experience and have a negative impact on firm performance. Second, in order to help managers to recognize such behavior, we identify the most common types of services and forms of sabotage saboteurs. In particular, we classify and describe the four main types of services saboteurs: Thrill Seekers, Apathetics, customers Avengers and money Grabbers. Finally, and most importantly, we provide a number of suggestions on how managers can effectively deal with the sabotage services in their businesses. They include the collection of information and the use of existing data to determine the extent and nature of the sabotage, the selection of the necessary quality of service personnel, training and rewarding employees, enriching and empowering employees, develop a culture of service, and start better monitoring systems and procedures. "Hide
by Lloyd C. Harris, Emmanuel Ogbonna Source: Business Horizons 11 pages. Publication Date: July 15, 2009. Prod. #: BH335-PDF-ENG

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Service Sabotage: The Dark Side of Service Dynamics

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