Erika James: The Life and Career of an Associate Professor Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Eric James has been in the scientific community for nine years and was a full-time lecturer Darden School when she was invited to become associate dean for diversity, a new position at the school. She discussed the proposal with colleagues and pondered the question carefully. The position will bring a significant increase in pay, much more responsibility, and many other administrative meetings, with a further requirement to meet its responsibilities training. In general, the work will mean more work. The work is likely to cut her free time consulting in the summer, and require it to create initiatives and strategies for the office from scratch. And she still wanted to reach full professor. She had several research projects at the moment and was halfway through her first manuscript. She had a husband who was a busy executive and lived two hours away for a week, and that is likely to get more shares. She had two small children, full of energy and enthusiasm. She had a full-time farm and personal trainer Pilates. She has always been known for her cheerful, can do attitude. Whether it can carry additional load? This is a blatant case of the life and career of James and her opinion on a number of issues. CD-ROM with video clips of interviews with James, her husband, and some of her colleagues work is accompanied by a written case. Videos include both parts, which can be assigned to the class, and some that can be displayed in the classroom at the discretion of the teacher. This case is designed to help students explore personal management and the management of power, the nature of leadership, as life events can shape leadership philosophy, the nature of success as leaders to create and maintain business and personal relationships, and how the leaders of the development of personal style throughout his career . "Hide
by Gerry Yemen, James G. Clawson Source: University of Virginia Darden School Foundation 14 pages. Publication Date: July 17, 2008. Prod. #: UV1253-PDF-ENG

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