Lowe’s Companies, Inc.: Optimizing the Marketing Communication Mix Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lowe’s Companies Incorporationwasestablishedin 1946 as ahome products retailer. The company’s operations were highly efficient.It had revenues of $48.2 Billion in2008. The company is operating in United States of America and Canada.
The company has initiated a program of Next GenerationInstalled Sales, which would help the company to increase its sales. The company has initiated the program for kitchen renovation and remodeling. Being an end to end solution provider, company would be dividing its customers into two main groups such as DIFM (Do It for Me) and DIY (Do It Yourself) as it would facilitate customers to make their own choices and customized renovations.
Lowe’s is using different marketing approaches, such as traditional marketing and digital marketing. The purpose of using different channelsis to provide consistent message to customers about itsproducts. The main objective of marketing is to stay as the highest priority in the mindsof potential customers. Moreover, company also wants to gain and hold awareness about its products and services. The company’s goal is to maintain existing customers along with potential growth in itscustomer base.
The company has been facing problem to make efficient mix of different marketing channelssuchas traditional and digital marketing which would help the company to achieve its goals and objectives.
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.Optimizing the Marketing Communication Mix Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In order to help company to make a perfect solution, following questions have to be answered:

What are the challenges Lowe’s will face in successfully deploying NGIS and competing against other providers?
Company has been facing many problems and challenges in order to successfully implement its NIGS program. Its competitors include Home Depot, Sears, IKEA and studio 41. Following problems are being faced by the company:
1. The company is not facilitating its customers with pre construction fees, unlike its other competitors such as Home Depot and IKEA.
2. Final inspection is not done by the company, whichmayresult in any fault in the designing.
3. The company is providing more additional services to customers. As a result, higher cost would be implemented.
4. It has been identified that 79% of customers rely on internet sites for searching, however, company is lacking in digital advertising.
5. People are likely to contact general contractor for their kitchen remodeling.
6. It has been identified that 31% of Lowe’s customers are likely to give priority toHome Depotcompared to 8% that suggested Lowe’s, which has a direct impact on company’s customer base.
7. People are likely to take expert opinion from family and friends, whowould advise them of same company they have referred to.
What did Lowe’s learn from the customer survey?
The customer survey indicated the following:
1. 69% of people are likely to remodel their kitchen after purchase of a new home and wanted to update their houses. On the other hand, 38% people wanted to update their existing home, whereas 19% people wanted to sell their homes at higher prices. Reasons of other people were necessary renovation, inspired by friends or suggested by someone else.
2. The time of renovation has been differing. It has been analyzed that 54% of kitchen remodeling hastaken 1-d months of time span, other 23% hasexperienced kitchen modeling in 6 months-1 year. 15% of renovation has taken less than 1 year while8% hastaken greater than 1 year..................

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