WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DREAM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The author of the story is Michael Gawend and he has been the first director at the University of Melbourne in 2009 of the Centre for journalism. The story appeared in The Age in October 2005

The story was written by Michael gavend and the purpose of writing the story was that the writer wanted to tell about the atrocities and the racial discrimination which happened between the black and white people and the way the black people were treated. As the black people were not given respect by the white people which was very disappointing and which tells about the conditions in which the black people dwell. The black people were treated as inferior and they had separate schools. The story further describes the steps taken by several leaders on the racial discrimination and the steps which were successful in the history.


If you travel in the north few kilometres through the neighbourhood and you will reach to the Gold coast that has pretty gardens, houses and tree-lined streets. The metaphor mostly used for the relations of the American race is the black neighbourhood of Washington.

Washington and its surroundings such as the states of Virginia are miniature of the race relations of the America. US Supreme Court has ended the separation of school rule after 50 years. The Supreme Court gave the justification that the concept of the separate but equal was not constitutional and the schools in the city do not have white children.

The schools of the black are far away from the other schools and mostly the poor children of DC go to that schools.

The black people live in either in the Montgomery country or in the Gold Coast of Dc if they have children and the black people send their children to black schools.

In America about 5% to 10%of the Americans live with the black people whereas the public school system is totally separated from them. The black and white people are segregated by language, history and culture.

No single metaphor can define the relationship of the black and white in the America This case is held true when the new Orleans drowned one month ago in the hurricane named Katrina and the most shameful and the most shocking pictures for the Americans was the black poverty, helplessness and the abandonment.

The mayor and New Orleans police reported of rapes, bodies and murderers being stored in the vault and no one came to rescue them. The mayor described the scene as the armed gangs were roaming the streets, plundering and shooting anyone randomly including the police.

The police chief who recently resigned was black however, his audience were the white people. But later the fact came to know that there were no rapes and there were no bodies being stored in the basement. On the other hand, the Katrina disaster tells about the black and the white relationship in America as the poor African Americans are left on their own to die or become the prey of the Americans own violent and lawless underclass.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DREAM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The George Bush when gave the first speech in his presidency, he said something about the poverty and racism. He said that race and poverty are interconnected. and the Americans has seen that there is a deep persistent poverty and poverty has grown as roots in the history of racial discrimination and the resulting effect is that it cuts off generations from the opportunities which can be used for the benefit of America.

The Simpsons trial has made a division in the Americans and the Americans are divided into racial lines with 83% of blacks agreeing with the verdict whereas the other 37% of whites did not. The Simpson anniversary passed without any notice ten years ago. In addition to this, the black and poor people of the New Orleans seems to be invisible to other white people.

All the government programs, development of enterprise zones and addressing poverty were all successful. A significant growth has been observed in the black middle-class due to good economic times.................

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