Samuel Colt: An American Gun Maker Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Samuel Colt patented the technology for a gun which could fire multiple times without reloading and not only perfected, but he also developed and applied early principles of mass production more completely than anyone did before. Until the nineteenth century, weapons manufacture, like the majority of industries, had been the exclusive domain of skilled craftsmen, whose families had typically been in the trade for generations.

Colt changed specialized machines that made parts to exact specifications, which might fit into just about any firearm of the same kind. This made fix and replacement production more constant and significantly simpler. Countries and other businesses would later execute these principles of production from the armory of Colt, thus revolutionizing manufacturing. Also, through his style, merchandise, and marketing, the guns of Colt became intertwined in a tangle that persists to the present with American identity.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 23, 2014 PRODUCT #: 815061-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Samuel Colt: An American Gun Maker

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