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In 2013, Radiometer continued to lead the world in blood gas analysis equipment and accessories, selling through distributors to hospital and direct central laboratories, point-of-care locations, and non-hospital medical places. Based in Denmark and founded in 1935, Radiometer was acquired in January 2004 by US-based Danaher Corporation. Under Danaher's direction, Radiometer started an intensive program of procedure developments using the Danaher Business System (DBS), company culture and an iterative tool system that sought to constantly enhance leadership and skimpy capabilities and the organization’s increase.

Although, as CEO Peter Kurstein reviewed the successes of the past ten years, he consented that Radiometer nevertheless faced significant challenges. Advancement in America, the planet’s largest marketplace, remained evasive. How would Radiometer breakthrough in the USA? Then there was the issue of long term growth. Roche and Siemens were investing heavily in multiple diagnostics segments. How should Radiometer react? HemoCue, a Swedish based international niche leader in hemoglobin testing was being sold by Quest Diagnostics.

Radiometer, 2013 Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: September 22, 2014 PRODUCT #: 715410-HCC-ENG

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Radiometer, 2013

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