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The right person must be selected at the right time and that person must hold the relevant skills (Ph.D, 2012).1It is necessary that recruit the employee at the time he is required by the organization. It must have the relevant qualification to do the job.
The environmental instability, demographic shift and rapid changes in technology have made the selection and recruitment process very complex (Ph.D, 2012).2The recruit must hold sufficient skills to work in the current market conditions and have an efficiency to accept market changes and works accordingly. The company cannot hire recruits for shorter period, therefore it is better to have a proactive approach.
Planning of HR involves forecasting the needs of the organization for selecting, recruiting, training and right designation needs (Ph.D, 2012).3It is required to have a correct forecast for the recruits for their selective designation and, if the training is required, then the time of training and the time to recruit designation needs must be considered. The recruit must be present at the right place, right time and the right skills. Sometimes right skills require training that must be undertaken before he joins his designation in the organization.
HR must know the numbers of employees and their retention period required by the organization (Ph.D, 2012).4The estimation is required by HR to recruit the employees with an estimation of their retention period. If an organization has short-term needs, then it must hire employees under short term contract base and if it needs permanent employee them employee must be hired accordingly.
The positive psychological contracts with employees, provide the basis for the motivation and positive commitments of employees to work (Ph.D, 2012).5If the contract with the employee is of favorable nature, then the motivation level and working output are high. The pay package, bonus schemes and other benefits under the contractual arrangements motivates employee and many non-cash benefits are key to employee satisfaction at the job.
Recruitment can be made in four ways; defining recruitments, attracting candidates, selecting candidates and placing them on the job. The statement was given by Armstrong in 2009 (Ph.D, 2012).6The employee selection and recruitment in HR has some of the steps that are required to follow to have a better recruitment. The first requirement is to define the job carefully, attract the candidates with the salary package, select the candidate who is better for the origination and the job, and finally put him/her on the job to let him perform.
HR needs to know how many employees are required in the future; date and their job responsibilities along with their retention period, i.e. either long-term or short term (Ph.D, 2012).7HR must know the future needs of all the departments of the organization and the numbers of candidates are required by the each department. I need to estimate any current and future resignation of employees so as the need can be compensated.
The organizations must encourage for having different skilled employees and possess different talent with them (Ph.D, 2012).8The reason behind such recruitment is to have more skills and talent under the one roof. The employees with different skills and talent can handle the innovative and changing environment by putting their skills at one place. The merger of different skills comes with a great solution because many different minds work for the solution.
The problem came into place at the time when there is a high demand for the particular talent and there is no suitable candidate to fill such job position. It is necessary to have good recruitment and retention policies to meet such needs (Ph.D, 2012).9Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable candidate to fill the vacant job. The job is vacant due to poor recruitment and retention policies in place in the organization. The vacant position for longer times makes the organization's operations weak in performing its defined goals and objectives.
There must be a pre-recruitment review that most take place in most of the organizations. Under thing approach before going to an outside recruitment organization must review its internal staff that has sufficient skills and talent to fill the vacant position and his position can be filed by outside recruitment (Ph.D, 2012).10The internal recruitment has benefits because the employee that is already working under the origination does know the origination very well and he can perform his new job very well as compared to the outside recruitment. It is better to give promotion to a talented employee rather than hiring another person for the job. The performance is better than the new recruitment and there is no need to go for many interviews and selection of candidate for the job as the better option is available in the organization.
The candidate issues must be resolved at first place during the interview and after the interview (Ph.D, 2012).11The candidates have many issues regarding the business nature of the origination and their job description and well as other matters relating to the candidates as they want to know about. The issues must be resolved because if he knows everything very well as he wanted to know then his performance will show an increasing trend during his job performance.
HR should expand their role as not only hiring but also have a detail research for the training and development needs in its employees (Ph.D, 2012).12HR should have a monitoring process to review the strengths and the weaknesses of the employees and the weaknesses must be removed through professional training and development. If the employees get continuous training that the employees can be an asset for the organization, especially in innovative industries (IT and Pharmaceutical).


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