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Returning home from a Manufacturing Company Sampson paints a lovely spring day, David Finster reviewed the question of whether he should buy a business. Four months earlier, on 20 December 1980, he was appointed president of Sampson paint and 82-percent-owned subsidiary of Alcatraz, were both companies, paint manufacturing, headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Richmond, Virginia, and the total sales volume of 5 $ 2 million. Finster has agreed a one-year employment contract, as he pondered his decision. Sampson was on the verge of bankruptcy, and if Finster had hoped to turn him, he would also have to decide how to structure the deal. "Hide
by Frank E. Genovese Source: Darden School of Business 22 pages. Publication Date: January 14, 2004. Prod. #: UV2701-PDF-ENG

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Sampson Paint Manufacturing Company

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