Sales Competition Design Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The paper basically attempts to develop a new sales force competition for Nestle. The reason for this paper is to propose a new sales force competition plan for the company Nestle. The purpose of writing this memo is quite clear; we need to develop a new sales competition plan where we need to avoid common mistakes of competition which we tend to miss as a large multinational organization.

The common errors or pitfalls that happen are gaming the system and unethical behavior, which remain motivating until the end, are motivating for everybody and not just for winners, and they produce the most motivational uplift. I will make a plan for the future of the company so that we can prepare a sales competition plan to execute in the future and gain competitive advantage over the rivals in the industry.

Being a part of the fast moving consumer goods company or the consumer goods industry, it is important to stay ahead of the competition by making sure that the sales competition plan is within the standards of the international market, therefore, I have made a plan that can be executed and implemented within our organization to ensure long term success of the company.

First and foremost, to make sure that the sales team is aligned with the vision and mission of the company. Being a part of Nestle, our sales team has to remain competent enough to deliver sales and after sales service to each customer and consumer which can ensure the success of the organization.

Gaming the system and unethical behavior

It is a fact that each sales team achieves higher revenues and targets for the customers. I, being the national sales manager, will firstly propose a plan where to increase the sales we should not rely on unethical and wrong practices. This means we should not be doing any thing which just increases the sales, but does not fulfill or satisfy the needs of the customers who are the real deriving force for us. I recommend that our sales team should not just sell the brands for the sake of increasing the revenues, but in fact we should develop a long term relationship with the customers.

We have a company that has strong cultural background and we come from a strong background, therefore, we need to ensure that this unique selling proposition should stay in the company. We should remain a company that does not run after revenues only. In fact, we need to focus on customer satisfaction rather than sales and revenues only.

Sir, I know the importance of being able to achieve higher sales volume which in return helps the company integrate in the market and consider itself as a successful organization. In order to actually make this happen, I will make a plan where the sales team should be asked to avoid making over promises. This has been one of the major factors which have made the situation worse for the management in the past.

In the current situation, I will make sure that the sales team has been provided with ample training where each sales representative is aligned with the goals of the company and the training session should be conducted where the main focus as per my knowledge is to make sure the level of customer satisfaction is ahead and above all. Under commitment and over commitment should be avoided and the sales team should make decisions that are ethically and morally connected.

Along with this, I will also want to ensure that the teams for all the different brands and products should be given the authority to ensure that the decision making is done by the central authority which can look after the customers and the product knowledge simultaneously.

With the new sales force competition, my focus will not be to outplay others; in fact, I will try to make the sales increase through correct attitude and behavior of employees towards the sales potential customer. This is a tough task and I might face difficulty, but eventually I know my strengths and the brand name which is quite significant in the market, therefore, I will say that the new sales plan should not be all about revenues, but it should be more about being ethically correct and organized.............................

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