Marketing Plan – Focus Glasses Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Company analysis

Focus Glasses is basically an optical product, which has been designed to eliminate the different distractions that are faced by individual’s periphery to rather allow them to completely focus on his frontal view. The product can be used in different arrays by an individual. The major focus, however, for the product has been to appeal its advantages to the high school and college students and the labor force in the market.

Along with this, the product is also focused to target the individuals who have been constantly using laptops, computers and have been electronic readers. Focus Glasses generally consist of prescription glasses, the reading glasses and the simple frame without the optical qualities. The major features and modification within the product offered by Focus Glasses is that it involves the section of plastic resting atop and it also offers lenses to block the periphery of the wearer.

Therefore, it is quite evident that the Focus Glasses are generally committed to serve the people who are studying or working. Moreover, the product is 3 inches long, whereas 5 to 8 inches wide. The product would be available in the market in various, sizes, colors, features, which would attract the different segments of the market including men, children and women.

Focus Glasses have been designed to fulfill the need for an accessory, which ensures the maximum focus for the individual by providing him the frontal view that would reduce the various distractions. The major feature of the Focus Glasses is that it is customer centric, easy to wear, convenient and low priced product.

Along with this, Focus Glasses also consist of improved pair of the prescription glasses, the reading glasses with a simple optical frame which contains the section of plastic. The product offered by Focus Glasses is rather light weighted and it is quite easy to handle and carry at different places.

The resources that are the necessity in preparing this product are quite readily available in the market and no new technology would be required to complete the finished product. The final product can be developed and produced from a plastic such as the ABS or the polystyrene. Therefore, it is quite evident that the product offered by Focus Glasses can be a user friendly product that can serve the needs of the general market.

The opportunity for the product is the fact that it is for a wider market. The company can actually portray and present it to the mass audience by using market competitive prices and ensuring that the end product is user friendly. The company has been focused on providing high quality glasses where it has also kept itself open for any kind of innovations.

Customer analysis

The product offered by Focus Glasses is for a wide range of market which specifically targets the men, women and children market. The product is for the people who are frequent users of computers, laptops and are constant readers. Focus Glasses would be a feasible option for them to use and find it easier to cope up with the technology and use a product that is user friendly and reasonably priced.

The primary customers for the products offered by Focus Glasses shall be the individual above the age of 6 years and old. The reason is simple, in the market where technology has been evolving quite rapidly, the customer base for the use of such products has also increased.

Moreover, the company would also focus specifically and particularly on the high school students, college and university going students. The reason is simple, this age bracket or the customer group has been the ideal candidate for the product offered by the company because they are the ones who not only are constant users of smart phones, laptops and the books simultaneously. The probability of such audience becoming consumers for Focus Glasses is the highest.Marketing Plan – Focus Glasses Case Solution

Since the major customers who would be targeted by the company will be students and the ones who are generally earning low or sometimes full time students, therefore, the product price cannot be kept higher.

The customers’ buying behavior process shall include the people who will be using the products regularly. However, the percentage of purchases made by them shall be quite limited. The students are, therefore, considered as the primary market or the primary consumers for the company because they tend to become the most regular users for the product offered by Focus Glasses.................................

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