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About The Company

Dialug is a multinational organization which operates from its headquarters in Chicago, IL. The company produces and sells photocopiers, digital production printing presses, multifunction systems and a range of color and black and white printers. It is an emerging company planting its feet and expanding its roots throughout the world. With 2,000 workers in 6 nations worldwide throughout Asia and Europe, they are never at a long distance from the business of their client.

As an organization approaching $22 million, they are the world's emerging driving venture for business process and archive administration. They provide genuine end-to-end arrangements, from back-office backing to the printed page, to help the company to promote its business and oversee data.

The CEO of Dialug, Damian Wayne stated, “We are focused on being a good example for corporate moral conduct. This dedication is empowered by the individual activities and responsibility of every single one of us. Our most prominent victories through the years have been determined by our fidelity to our long-standing center qualities. Our notoriety rests on what we do and how we act consistently.”

At Dialug, supportability is the method for working together. They have adjusted their objectives for the earth and wellbeing and security in five key zones to have an effect on their worth chain around the world. Together with their suppliers, clients, and partners they strive to keep up the most elevated models to save their surroundings and secure and upgrade the wellbeing and security of their workers and communities.

Building a career with Dialug is a step taken towards the path of success. As an employee, you will work daily, close to individuals who are as enthusiastic about new thoughts, client administration and accomplishment as you are. Celebrating and encouraging new ideas is an important core of their beliefs. The rich legacy of Dialug is in the light of client-centered and representative focused qualities that help to convey productivity and development.

They are a driving worldwide venture for business and report administration. Through their wide arrangement of innovation and administrations, they give the fundamental back-office help that makes room for customers to concentrate on what they excel at their genuine business.

Their objective is to become catalysts for innovation- using Dialug’s Lean Six Sigma to constantly find a more innovative way to meet their clients’ demands and to make business methodology outsourcing, IT arrangements, new innovations, items and administrations for world class business and government customers that empower efficient results.

Since their commencement, they have operated under the guidance of their six core values:

  • We succeed through the satisfaction of our clients.
  • We provide quality and proficiency in all the services we offer.
  • We oblige premium profit for resources.
  • We use innovation to create market initiative.
  • We value our employees.
  • We act dependably as a corporate nation.

While there is a rich straightforwardness in these persevering qualities of the Company, they are quite powerful. They make the ethical and moral compass that allows them to work with trustworthiness and genuineness. The company believes in the need to act capably as a good corporate citizen in the groups and countries in which they do their business. There are two wide reasons behind that – a conviction that good citizenship is the right approach to carrying on and an equally essential conviction that carrying on the right way is a good thing for their business.

“At will employment”

The company has a well-defined “at will employment agreement” for its employees. According to this agreement, the employee can be relieved from the services by the company for any reasons. The policy allows the company to evacuate a named employee before retirement at whatever point it is to the greatest advantage of the company, with full circumspection to choose a severance bundle for that individual.

At the point at which a named executive is expelled from his/her position, the Company exercises its business judgment in considering whether to support a suitable severance plan for the single person in light of all significant circumstances, including yet not constrained to his or her term of work, past achievements, and explanations behind partition from the Company.

The Company’s policy in the United States usually provides severance for administration leveled salaried employees who are separated from the company without their consent, including executive officers, only if the individual signs a release of claims against the company. For separation due to reduction in power, the measure of severance given by the agreement is equal to the more noticeable part of 26 weeks of base pay or the amount of weeks of base pay recognized in the severance timetable in light of years of service. For involuntary separations other than a diminishing in force or for a reason, Officer Division agreements fuse a non-engagement in obstructing development agreement..............................

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