Robin Chase, Zip car, and an Inconvenient Discovery Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Robin Chase, Zip car, and an Inconvenient Discovery Case Study Solution

What led to miscalculation?  

In my opinion, Robin Chase had inadequate expertise which is critically required in order to deal with financial trend and numbers along with the estimated understanding that tend to lead such calculation. Since, she is weak in mathematics, it is most likely to be the weakness neglecting the impact of certain variables on the overall growth and profitability of the company.

Furthermore, what led her to miscalculation was her inability or lack of expertise in analyzing the impact of variable cost on the business. In addition, she has also ignored the impact of daily rates which tend to fluctuates on regular basis, this in turn has made her assume that the rates are fixed, leading to more optimistic rather than realistic outcomes.

How would I have acted?

If I had been in such midst of chaos, I would’ve remained positive and stayed firm and steady towards the growth and success of project. It is due to the fact that the employees or workforce drive enthusiasm and energy to work hard and strive for the leader. I would have avoided to collapse in order to stop the entire team members to collapse, because the collapsing of entire team members would’ve resulted in total failure of the project. In addition to this, I would have also regained the objectivity in pursuit of project success in the forthcoming years. By staying calm, positive and assertive towards the target goals, the team members believe that the project would lead to success in future ahead. It is to note that as a leader, what can be done best in the midst of or adverse situation or challenges is to instill trust, stability, compassion and hope. The role of leader is evitable that appears in time of failure or hardship, where maintaining and driving the motivation to attain the ultimate objective is necessary.  (McKeown, 2010).

Hence, I would have preferred carefully assessing the situation so that I could’ve engaged with my team to clearly set the appropriate priorities. I would’ve been more attentive, efficient and effective internally to be able to deal with the outer chaos. Also, I would have remained positive, steady and tolerant towards the organization’s success. I would have called the member of teams in order to discuss the issues or emerging concerns and take ideas from them so that the effective strategy could have formulated or revised to increase the likelihood of project and to deal with reducing profitability and meet level of efficiency. By getting my team move with confidence and strength, I would have assured that the teams work collaboratively for the sake of the business and help in attaining the project objectives, which in turns would’ve led to the development of sustainable business. (Gallo, 2015).

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Proactive
  • Takes risk
  • Set the business goals
  • Make deliberate efforts to solicit new ideas
  • Capable of empathizing with other people
  • Been engaging or interactive leader
  • Disciplined and consistent in her treatment of other.
·  Weak in calculations·  Not able to deal with numbers·  Avoid business related challenges and risks·  No traits of operational leaders


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