Edward Norris Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Edward Norris Case Study Solution

Norris’ Action Plan

The action plan of Norris is as follows:

Develop clear numerical picture of crime

Firstly, Norris needs to develop the clear picture of the crime, it would help him in visualizing, mapping and analysing the crime incident patterns, so that he would be able to prevent, anticipate and monitor the criminal activity. (Rachel Boba, 2001).

Establish standardized measures in order to improve performance

It would indicate the success of the organization in goals achievement. The strategies should be identified to guide the action as well as provide path to success. The standardized measures includes various key performance indicators that would assess the level of crime in community as well as results of the efforts of crime fighting resources. (Sparrow, 2017).

Set goals

Afterwards, the organization must need to set goals and targets to gain success which includes providing safety to the community and reducing the crime rate etc.

Omit rotation shifts

There are various drawbacks of rotation shift which includes lack of skill development and preventing employees from developing strong personal or professional skills in a specific area. (Vila, 2002).

Increased roles and duties of commanding officers in their districts for crime statistics

Increasing the responsibilities of commanding officers would result in lower crime rate.

Reward districts

The districts which reduce the rate of crime should be rewarded with newly printed police vehicles. The action plan should also include rewarding hard work, loyalty and initiative as well.

Police patrols

In addition to this, the objectives and goals of police petrol should be to prevent crime, criminal apprehension, order maintenance law enforcement, traffic enforcement and public services.

Reorganize the management

This includes addition of duties and responsibilities on the officers, the police management reorganization includes the administration activities of controlling, coordinating, directing police activities, resources and personnel.

Assigning detectives to different district offices:

Another step is to assign detectives in each of the district offices.

Deal with culture of vindictiveness

The culture where people with vindictive personalities should be dealt with firing them.

Technology capabilities

In addition to this, the police officers should have an expended use of technology innovation. It is one of an influential driver of change at workplace. The influence of technology on crime trends, organizational behaviour, and personal life style is evident.  Additionally, it enhances the crime control, communication and police patrolling.

Culture of transparency

In addition to this, it is significantly important to develop positive relationship between community and police officers by creating a culture of transparency and openness policing. Greater transparency and openness on the part of the police departments would improve the image of police officers in the eyes of public. Not only this, it would also provide greater measure of accountability. Also, media is one of the key contributors to promote the favourable image of the police officers and police departments. (Espinosa, 2017). So, it is important to build positive relationship with media so that the true picture of policing would be reflected to the public..........


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