Open Innovation and Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The increasing adoption of more open approaches to innovation fits with current theories of company strategy. Traditional business strategy has directed businesses to develop defensible positions against the forces of competition and power in the value chain, indicating the importance of building impediments rather than promoting value creation through openness. Lately, however, companies and even whole sectors, including the software sector, are experimenting with new business models based on harnessing collective imagination through open innovation.
Open Innovation and Strategy Case Study Solution

At precisely the same time, several experimenters now are grappling with problems related to sustainability and value capture of their business models, along with problems of corporate influence and the potential co-option of open initiatives. To make tactical sense of initiation communities, ecosystems, networks, and their implications for competitive advantage, a new method of strategy -open strategy - is needed. Open strategy balances the tenets of conventional business strategy with the assurance of open innovation.


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Open Innovation and Strategy

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