Launching The Bmw Z3 Roadster Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

The major problem that has been identified in the case “Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster” is that the Vice President of marketing at BMW North America has been designing the marketing plan or the communication plan for the Phase II of the BMW Z3 Roadster.

Therefore, the program has to be designed where the company has to look for a pre launch campaign that shall be centered on the overall placement of the product in the James Bond hit movie, “Golden Eye” which would also include other non-traditional elements which might be the Jay Leno Tonight Show, Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog, etc. McDowell, therefore, has been concerned about the pre launch activities and the design a marketing tactics which can help in the overall sustainability of the product until it becomes available in March.

Situation Analysis

As the case states, BMW vehicle has been based in Spartan burg, the Z3 Roadster has been able to focus on the strategic significance where it has been launched to introduce and focus on the new markets. The Z3 project has been introduced in the market where BMW has been able to gauge in a reputation where it shall become a “truly global brand”.

BMW has been planning to launch the Z3 bran where it has decided to focus on the new markets also. During the initial launch of the Z3 roadster the company entered a deal with MGM/United Artist on the James Bond Golden Eye films. The car was launched during the movie where it was used by James Bond. Along with this, the company has been able to successfully integrate in the market where it shall be able to align itself with the customers.

The projected sales have also been quite positive and the company has been able to book large number of orders from diverse customers. Along with this, another major opportunity which has been presented in the case for the company has been the increasing number of customers who have actually supported the idea of focusing on different marketing and advertising efforts.


The major strength for the company is that it has been a strong brand name in the market. BMW has been financially stable company in the market. The sales for the company have been quite high and remarkable. The customer base for the company has been quite high where the management has offered customer satisfaction to each customer.

The company has been quite innovative in terms of offering new products. Moreover, the employees have been highly professional where they have been trying to fulfill customer needs accordingly. The strong global presence has also been a major player in the market.


The major weakness for the company has been the high prices of its products. The company has been offering its products at higher prices than competitors. The brand portfolio for the company is quite weak. Z3 was perceived to be German made car not an American made car. The number of cars produced by the company in phase I is quite less as compared to the number of distribution.


The major opportunity for Z3 Roadster has been the buildup the strong buzz that has been created in the phase I of the marketing campaign. Along with this, other opportunities of BMW are the overall expansion of market share and the pushing of sales in the car of the United States market. Furthermore, BMW can also its product profile.


The major threat for the company with its new product Z3 Roadster is the competition it can face from competition. The government rules and regulations have also been quite stiff which has made the company highly competitive in the market. The increase in fuel prices has also been threat for the company. The over dependence of third party promoters is also a threat because they might promote rival brands also in the future.Launching The Bmw Z3 Roadster Case Solution

Alternative Solutions

Based on the problem that has been identified in the case, the company can adopt the following alternative solutions to overcome the issue presented in the case. Since Z3 has been a product that has been newly introduced in the market, therefore, the management has to find the ways where it can ensure that the brand remains successful in the future.....................

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