Decision-making at A-Cat Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case depicts the situation confronted by the vice-president of A-CAT Corp. The firm proved to be a mid sized distributor and manufacturer of domestic electrical appliances, mainly catering to the cost sensitive rural population. The firm operated two moderate-sized facilities in one of the distant districts in Vidarbha. A-CAT's producing units had been in operation since 1986.

a-cat corp

a-cat corp

A-CAT manufactured a wide array of electric appliances including TV signal boosters, transformers, FM radio kits, electronic ballasts, battery chargers and voltage regulators. The focus was on their main product, the VR500 voltage regulator. Without offending the stakeholders involved in the process the challenge was to pick providers. The core issue was to come to a correct decision -- one that appropriate company needs. The strategy set by the team was to identify potential providers/vendors with their attendant strengths and weaknesses and to do so in a well- documented and structured fashion.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 19, 2011 PRODUCT #: W11179-PDF-ENG

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